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TALK OF THE TOWN: Samantha Cameron models £370 jumpsuit from her Cefinn brand on Instagram - but some detractors think it looks just like a pair of pyjamas

She set up her own fashion label after being lauded for her style choices in the spotlight as the Prime Minister’s wife. But there’s one aspect of her business that Samantha Cameron has yet to master – selling her designs on Instagram. She presented her first style tutorial on the site this week, modelling the £370 jumpsuit from her Cefinn brand. She told followers that it’s ‘super cool’ and ‘slouchy’, and that she’d definitely wear it to a party or a wedding – though some detractors thought it looked just like a pair of pyjamas.
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Samantha Cameron defends Carrie Symonds over 'Lady Macbeth' attacks

Samantha Cameron has insisted she will "always defend the woman" over "Lady Macbeth" attacks on Carrie Symonds. The wife of the former Prime Minister David Cameron spoke out against the criticism of Boris Johnson’s fiancée following revelations that the couple ordered a lavish refurbishment of the Downing Street flat. It...
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Samantha Cameron is famously cool under fire — even with her husband’s reputation in question. But when her clothing label was hit by Covid, she admits: There were moments in the past year when I thought ‘how are we going to survive?’

Samantha Cameron and I meet at an exquisitely awkward time for her. The scandal over her husband’s links to collapsed investment company Greensill is gathering pace, and within days allegations of cronyism will threaten not only to tarnish his reputation but to engulf the Government in allegations of sleaze. There’s...
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Samantha Cameron and Sir Paul Smith on why Brexit is a disaster for British fashion

“The relationship between fashion and the government is the worst it has ever been. It’s toxic.”. Strong words from anyone, but particularly from Richard Ross – the founder of The Sock Shop and Trotters – who describes himself as a long-time admirer of Margaret Thatcher and a former Conservative voter. He, like so many others in retail, believes that fashion has been completely forgotten in the Brexit deal.

Former PM's wife Samantha Cameron stands up for Carrie Symonds

Wives of politicians are frequently cast as ‘Lady Macbeth’, Shakespeare’s character who was more ambitious – and ruthless – than her husband. The label has been thrown at Sarah Vine before, the wife of Tory cabinet minister Michael Gove, and last December it was recklessly hurled at the PM’s fiancée Carrie Symonds following the sudden departure of Lee Cain and Dominic Cummings from the PM’s inner strategic circle. Departures that ‘Princess Nut Nuts’ – as 32-year-old Symonds was cruelly dubbed – was said to have instigated.
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Samantha Cameron business hit by post-Brexit 'teething issues'

Samantha Cameron has said that her clothing business is being hampered by post-Brexit trading difficulties with European countries. In a her first solo interview with the BBC, Cameron said her fashion brand, Cefinn, had been hit by “teething issues” and the extra costs involved in selling products to Europe under the government’s trade deal with EU.

Post-Brexit trading 'difficult' for my business - Samantha Cameron

Samantha Cameron says her fashion brand is finding post-Brexit trading with the EU "challenging and difficult". Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, she said there were "teething issues" in trading with the bloc and appealed to government to talk to small firms. Mrs Cameron said she discusses the problems...

Branding PM’s fiancee ‘Princess Nut Nut’ was sexist, says Samantha Cameron

The way Boris Johnson’s fiancee Carrie Symonds was briefed against in the media was sexist, according to Samantha Cameron. Ms Symonds, a former Conservative Party head of communications, was derogatorily termed “Princess Nut Nut” by allies of Dominic Cummings, according to briefings in the press. Mr Cummings left his role...
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Samantha Cameron says it 'demeans' Boris Johnson to suggest his fiancée Carrie Symonds has MORE influence than his own advisers - as she blasts 'sexist' 'Princess Nut Nut' nickname

Samantha Cameron has said it is 'demeaning' for Boris Johnson to suggest his fiancée Carrie Symonds has more influence than his own advisors. The 49-year-old wife of former-Prime Minister David Cameron blasted the 'flagrantly sexist' 'Princess Nut Nut' nickname, adding that criticism the PM's fiancée received last year was 'harsh'.

Samantha Cameron on Carrie Symonds and role of PM's partner

Samantha Cameron talks to Emma Barnett about the press treatment of Boris Johnson's fiancee Carrie Symonds, and the media's perception of how much partners of the Prime Minster are influencing their decisions behind the scenes. In her first solo interview with the BBC she discussed launching her own fashion business,...
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Samantha Cameron says suggestions Carrie Symonds influences PM’s decisions are ‘sexist’

Samantha Cameron has criticised those who have accused Carrie Symonds of having influenced the prime minister’s decisions due to her political background.Speaking on Woman’s Hour, the fashion designer was asked to comment on the fact that Mr Johnson’s fiancée was cruelly nicknamed “Princess Nut Nut” last year after the former government special adviser and Conservative Party’s head of media was accused of becoming too involved with the inner workings of No. 10.“I don’t think she should have that kind of criticism laid at her door,” Ms Cameron said."My view is that your husband or partner is the prime minister, they’re...
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Samantha Cameron complains of impact of Brexit on her fashion business

Samantha Cameron has complained about the impact of Brexit on her fashion business.The wife of former prime minister David Cameron said trade with Europe under the terms of Boris Johnson’s Trade and Cooperation Agreement was “challenging and difficult”.She also said her company Cefinn may have to give up plans to scale up exports to the EU because of the additional obstacles to trade caused by the hard Brexit deal.Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, Ms Cameron revealed that she has discussed the difficulties Brexit is causing to small businesses like hers with her husband, who was responsible for...

Samantha Cameron accused of breaking bird flu rules designed to curb spread of virus

Given the bewildering array of restrictions, regulations and instructions emanating from Whitehall during the Covid pandemic it’s little surprise some have found themselves in a state of confusion. Which may explain why Samantha Cameron has fallen foul of Government rules designed to curb the spread of another dangerous virus, bird...