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Sam Elliott Opened Up on His Underrated 1985 Film ‘Mask,’ Working with Cher

He’s known for his roles in Tombstone, Gettysburg, and A Star is Born, but Sam Elliott has a soft spot for one of his underrated films. During an interview with Sarasota Scene, Sam Elliott discusses his 1985 film Mask. “Watching Peter Bogdanovich work, as well as his cinematographer, Laszlo Kovacs. That was, right off the top, the most impressive thing for me,” Sam Elliott states. He also says doesn’t get any better than working with Eric Stoltz and singing icon Cher.
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Sam Elliott Named the Quiet Sign of a Great Film

Actor Sam Elliott knows a thing or two about making great films. But there is one specific sign that he looks for when seeing one on screen. In an interview with “Sarasota Scene Magazine,” Sam Elliott said he knows a film is good when “there is silence in the theater.”
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Sam Elliott Explains How He Blocks Out Hollywood Noise, Even During Recent Success

For seasoned actor Sam Elliott, he doesn’t have to look very far for success. In fact, he doesn’t have to search at all. Success tends to find him first. Although the list of Elliott’s appearances and starring roles speak for themselves, the has received dozens upon dozens of nominations and awards over the years. From Western cinema like The Quick and the Dead to dramatic pieces like A Star Is Born and even a few comedy features in Parks and Recreation, Elliott has not only demonstrated his wide breadth of acting abilities but also his dedication to each and every role. And while Sam Elliott has always worked on some film or television project, it seems that within the past five or six years that his popularity has exploded.
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Sam Elliott Sounded Off on Portraying Mature Romances, Said it Doesn’t Have to Be a ‘Cialis Commercial’

We all know what happens in the Cialis commercial. An older couple enjoys the strangest activities together. Meanwhile, a deep-voiced announcer lists all the side effects and warnings. You would think that might persuade people not to buy the pill, but we’re all too focused on what the actors are doing to hear the warnings. Sometimes they’re in two separate bathtubs outside; other times they’re watching non-holiday fireworks on a blanket in the middle of nowhere. Well, Sam Elliott has had enough of that ridiculous imagery.
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Sam Elliott Revealed How ‘Justified’ Creators ‘Took a Shot’ to Get Him on Show

Sam Elliott was a busy man back in 2015. He starred in two films and played the main antagonist in a season of the hit show Justified. However, before that, he had a long and storied career. In fact, he had already been in nearly a hundred films and television shows by that time. There are some iconic titles among his filmography. For instance, Elliott is known for movies like Roadhouse, The Big Lebowski, and Tombstone. So, some might have been surprised to see him on a television show.