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LaMonica Garrett Dishes on Working With Sam Elliott and Other A-List Co-Stars (Exclusive)

LaMonica Garrett shines in 1883 as Thomas, he's the only Black cowboy on the journey, and not once is the N-word used in the series. Garrett's character is a former buffalo soldier who serves as the right hand to wagon master Shea (Sam Elliott) and is the only Black person along for the ride. 1883 is a prequel to Yellowstone and chronicles the story of how the Duttons came to own the land that would become the Yellowstone Ranch. While the project was a dream come true for Garrett, working alongside heavy hitters in the industry was the icing on the cake.
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SNL: Fans say that Benedict Cumberbatch ‘channelling’ Sam Elliott is the ‘treat I didn’t know I needed’

Benedict Cumberbatch fans were delighted by the Power of the Dog actor’s “Sam Elliott impression” on last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Elliott had previously criticised The Power of the Dog and its Oscar-winning director Jane Campion, but later apologised to the cast and “in particular Benedict Cumberbatch” for his comments about the film. Cumberbatch, who hosted SNL on Saturday (7 May) with musical guest Arcade Fire, donned a plaid shirt, white wig and a bushy moustache for one of the skits, also affecting a deep-toned southern American accent. Fans were quick to point out the similarity to...

Sam Elliott apologizes for blasting ‘Power of the Dog’ in podcast where he also talked about Portland

Ordinarily, when Sam Elliott makes the news, it’s because he’s appearing in a new role, as with the recent series “1883,” scoring an award nomination, or something else related to his acting career. But over the past month or so, Elliott has found himself the target of considerable criticism because of remarks he made about the Oscar-nominated Western “The Power of the Dog.”

Sam Elliott apologizes for comments criticizing 'The Power of the Dog'

(CNN) — Sam Elliott has publicly apologized for his criticism of the critically acclaimed Western film "The Power of the Dog" after facing fierce backlash for remarks that many perceived as homophobic. The Hollywood veteran made headlines last month after he said Jane Campion's Oscar-winning film was a "piece...

Sam Elliott is sorry for his homophobic Power of the Dog rant

Sam Elliott is sorry for his weird Power of the Dog rant. This past Sunday, the actor apologized for the sexist and homophobic remarks he made while on the podcast WTF with Marc Maron about Jane Campion’s Netflix western. “That movie struck a chord with me, and in trying...

Sam Elliott apologises for calling ‘The Power Of The Dog’ a “piece of shit”

Sam Elliott has apologised after calling The Power Of The Dog a “piece of shit” earlier this year. The actor recently stirred controversy during an appearance on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, where he spoke about the “allusions of homosexuality” in the Oscar-winning Netflix film, while also comparing the characters to Chippendales dancers who “wear bowties and not much else”.

Sam Elliott sorry for calling ‘Power of the Dog’ a ‘piece of s–t’: ‘I feel terrible’

Sam Elliott has apologized for trashing Jane Campion’s Oscar-winning Western “The Power of the Dog,” saying he feels terrible for calling the film “a piece of s–t.” The 77-year-old actor offered up the mea culpa on Sunday, more than a month after making disparaging comments about the flick on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast. “First, don’t go do a podcast whose call letters are WTF,” Elliott joked during Deadline’s Contenders TV event on Sunday. He went on to claim that “The Power of the Dog actually “struck a chord” with him. “I told the ‘WTF’ podcaster [Maron] that I thought Jane Campion was a brilliant director,...

Sam Elliott apologises for attacking The Power of the Dog

Pretend cowboy and moustache owner Sam Elliott has apologised for criticising The Power of the Dog. During Deadline’s Contenders TV panel to promote 1883, Elliot offered an apology to director Jane Campion, star Benedict Cumberbatch, and the rest of the drama movie’s cast. “I told the [Marc Maron]...