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OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman ridicules start-up fundraising process

Sam Altman, the former president of start-up accelerator Y-Combinator and the co-founder of the OpenAI research lab, has ridiculed the start-up fundraising process. The tech entrepreneur joked that OpenAI has raised a $250 million series A funding round on the back of six other rounds. The CEO of Microsoft-backed OpenAI,...
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Worldcoin iris biometrics cryptocurrency project launched by Sam Altman

Tech millionaire Sam Altman’s Worldcoin start-up has emerged from stealth mode, offering free cryptocurrency to individuals who verify their accounts by taking an iris scan via a dedicated biometric device. At the time of writing, and days after its official launch, Worldcoin’s valuation has already reached $1 billion, after substantial...

Tech Millionaire Sam Altman Offers Free Crypto For Eye Scan

Tech investor Sam Altman, the founder of Worldcoin, is offering free cryptocurrency for people willing to have their eyes scanned with an orb-shaped device. According to Worldcoin, 130,000 people have already participated and the amount each person will receive will vary from $10 to $200, depending on how many people get involved in the early stages. Worldcoin’s goal is to have 1 billion users by 2023.