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Magnus Carlsen talks to Sal Khan

On the eve of the Magnus Carlsen Invitational, the World Chess Champion joined Khan Academy founder Sal Khan for a fascinating 40-minute interview. Magnus talked about how trial and error and "irrational confidence" shaped his chess education, how he understands chess more deeply than 5-6 years ago but sometimes "ignorance is bliss", and how losses still hurt as much as ever. He also feels that some young players are "not as good at the basics" as his generation and could profit from studying the classics.
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What’s wrong with online learning? We asked Sal Khan, the world’s most prolific tutor

Thirteen years ago, a Silicon Valley hedge fund analyst from Louisiana turned his talent for tutoring cousins into one of the internet’s most popular lines of free educational resources. Sal Khan’s Mountain View nonprofit Khan Academy has since 2008 grown into a learning powerhouse, built around YouTube-hosted videos narrated over a simulated blackboard and a website with teaching tools and practice exercises.