S. Prestley Blake

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S. Prestley Blake name synonymous with giving (Editorial)

Simple advice. Profound impact. For as worldly an individual as Stewart Prestley Blake was, there was also a simplicity about him in how he approached both life and business. He would often repeat those words whenever he was asked what guidance he could offer a new generation of entrepreneurs. It had been rudimentary to the story of his personal success that he shared in his 2011 memoir, “A Friendly Life.”
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Celebrating the life of S. Prestley Blake, philanthropist and benefactor

One hundred and six years is the span of multiple lifetimes — that many years, strung together into just one person’s life, seems almost impossible. Stewart Prestley Blake, (or as he was more commonly known – S. Prestley Blake) completed his centurion feat in a way that was inspirational to any who knew him, personally or not.
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S. Prestley Blake: the (Sometimes) Quiet Philanthropist

I found myself heading to the local Friendly’s over the holiday weekend and ordering myself a Jim Dandy. I’ve always loved Jim Dandies. They are the quintessential ice-cream sundae, a banana split on steroids, if you will, and ordering one always brings me back to my youth. It’s a blast from the past, and it remains unchanged from more than a half-century ago, in my case. Except … I used to be able to finish one in a single sitting. Now, although I could do so if I really, really felt like it, I consider it more prudent to take it over two nights — although you have to eat the banana the first night; once it freezes, you can’t do anything with it.