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Azealia Banks teams with Ryder Ripps for “Miss Camaraderie (Bon Vivant Remix)” video

Watch Banks coronate her arrival to Miami by voguing in front of a George Segal sculpture. Two months into 2021 and it's already been a whirlwind year for Azealia Banks. On the heels of her cross-country move from Los Angeles to Miami, Banks claimed earlier this week that she's engaged to graphic designer Ryder Ripps and that she's converting to Judaism for him. The recent fiancées have also been working on new creative projects together, and today they're sharing the first bit: a video for the Bon Vivant remix of "Miss Camaraderie," which appeared on Banks' 2014 album Broke With Expensive Taste.
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Azealia Banks Is Engaged To Artist Ryder Ripps

Azealia Banks' Instagram is the beloved rollercoaster of the century. You never really know what you'll be getting when you click through her stories. Will she be naming off her predictions for the next decade? Maybe she'll be listing off her adversaries in music and using her sharp wit to explain exactly how each artist flopped? Part of Banks' charm is the element of surprise, and the latest revelation to come across our screens is news of Banks' engagement to artist Ryder Ripps.
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Ryder Ripps and Azealia Banks | Miss Camaraderie at Perez Art Museum Miami

Conceptual artist and multidisciplinary creative Ryder Ripps has revealed a new video work filmed at Perez Art Museum Miami. Drawing inspiration from Azealia Banks’ personal experience of sexual exploitation, Miss Camaraderie is a showcase of earned space and discovered power. The film marries stillness brought to life in choreographed motion that is infused with artistic reclamation.

Azealia Banks engaged to Ryder Ripps

Azealia Banks is engaged to Ryder Ripps. The 29-year-old rapper admitted she was "crying" as she confirmed she is engaged to the 34-year-old artist. Taking to Instagram, she wrote: "I just got engaged *****. I'm crying ... I'm Jewish now. MAZEL TOV B******! WE IN HERE.... YERRRRRRR (sic)" Meanwhile, the...

Ryder Ripps Responds to Claims That He Rebranded the CIA

Update (1/6/2021): Nicole de Haay, a spokesperson for the CIA, reached out to PAPER denying that Ryder Ripps had any involvement in their website's updated look. "As CIA's new website states, we're looking for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to work at CIA, but this individual had absolutely nothing to do with our website redesign," Haay said.