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Ryan Sheckler hopes to score an invite to MGK and Megan Fox’s wedding

Pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler hopes he’s on the guest list for longtime pal Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s upcoming wedding. When asked if he was going to attend what is sure to be a lavish event, Sheckler — who’s known the rocker for more than a decade — told Page Six, “I’m sure, I mean, I hope so!” “S–t, I’ve been friends with Kells since we were 18, so I’d assume I’ll be there,” Sheckler, 32, added while speaking to Page Six at Red Bull Guest House at the Miami Grand Prix earlier this month. Kelly, also 32, and Sheckler first...
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Ryan Sheckler marries Abigail Baloun in wedding attended by MGK, Megan Fox

The pro skateboarder tied the knot to Abigail Baloun in a romantic ceremony attended by celebrity guests like Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox on Thursday. “3•3•22. I married the love of my life,” the bride revealed via Instagram over the weekend, sharing pics from their nuptials at the Rancho Las Lomas botanical gardens in Orange County, Calif.
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MTV Star Ryan Sheckler Marries Abigail Baloun

Watch: See Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's Sexy Bath Time. Ryan Sheckler is taking on married life. The pro skateboarder a former MTV star tied the knot to Abigail Baloun on Thursday, March 3 at Rancho Las Lomas botanical gardens in Orange County, Calif., according to People. "I married...

Contest Veteran Ryan Sheckler Explains Olympic Skateboarding

“I knew it had the potential, with the type of contests that was going on,” says Ryan Sheckler. And he should know: Shecks, as he’s called by action sports broadcasters around the world, has not a little amount of experience in the field, competing in skateboarding contests since the age of six. That means that he’s been doing it since 1995, the same year the X Games threw its inaugural contest on ESPN. Next came the Dew Tour, in 2008, and then Street League Skateboarding, the brainchild of pro skater and reality TV star Rob Dyrdek, in 2010. With these series drawing millions of viewers, there was no shortage of mainstream exposure. But the final step was always the Olympics, and this summer, in Tokyo, the sport of skateboarding will finally make its Games debut, just as Sheckler predicted.

Ryan Sheckler Gives Back As New Skate Program Designer For Woodward Summer Camp

Ryan Sheckler’s pro skateboarding career isn’t over—not yet. But 28 years in, he’s looking for as many ways to make a difference off of his board as he is on it. A household name even among those who don’t follow skateboarding closely, Sheckler’s MTV reality series Life of Ryan propelled him into millions of living rooms in 2007. He became a playable character in 2004’s Tony Hawk's Underground 2. On his board, Sheckler was a three-time X Games gold medalist and a four-time Dew Tour champion, becoming the then-youngest gold medalist in X Games history as a 13-year-old in 2003.

Ryan Sheckler Says He’s ‘Borderline Traumatized’ After Filming His MTV Reality Show

Over a decade later, Ryan Sheckler is coming forward and talking about how he really felt about being on his reality series Life of Ryan. His show ran from 2007 to 2008 on MTV and showed the skateboarder's life from his work life to the one he had at home. However, he's now opening up and admitting that he was "borderline traumatized" at the things that happened behind-the-scenes that left him shook.

Ryan Sheckler

More than 10 years later, the pro skateboarder is accusing the production team of name-calling and manipulating his romantic relationships for ratings. On Wednesday, Sheckler opened up on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger” about why the TV series “rocked” him to his core.