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NFL Draft: Ranking the biggest bust for every team with Ryan Leaf leading the way

The NFL Draft has provided plenty of misses over the years, especially in the common-draft era -- which was instituted in 1967. While many observers remember the Pro Football Hall of Famers that emerged from the top of the draft, there have been plenty of busts along the way -- players that have kept their franchise in the doldrums of the NFL (just ask the Cincinnati Bengals in the 1990s and Detroit Lions of the 2000s).
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Ryan Leaf Was His Own Worst Enemy in the 1998 NFL Draft

Every year around the NFL draft, fans can’t help but think about the biggest NFL draft busts in history. No list of NFL draft busts is complete without talking about Ryan Leaf. Many fans give credit to Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and former GM Bill Polian for passing on Leaf. However, the quarterback has said in the past that he made that decision easy by telling them not to draft him.
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Domonique Foxworth Apologizes For What He Said About Ryan Leaf

Domonique Foxworth issued an apology via Twitter on Tuesday for what he said about former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf years ago. Back in 2011, Foxworth, an executive committee member of the NFLPA, met with NFL leaders to discuss the idea of adding a 17th game to the season. Foxworth expressed it wasn’t going to happen, and that players would essentially sit out games if that 17th game was added. The exchange between the former NFL cornerback and league leaders quickly became heated, as plenty of expletives were exchanged.

Ryan Leaf talks to Deadspin about CTE, substance abuse, and Vincent Jackson's tragic death

We’re getting a little more clarity on the death of former Chargers and Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson, and it’s a sad yet familiar story. According to Florida police, Jackson suffered from chronic alcoholism and his family feared that he showed signs of brain trauma stemming from his football career. Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf took to Twitter after Jackson’s death with a tearful, heartfelt message, pleading for the league and the NFL Players Association to act. I spoke with Leaf about the NFL’s response, or lack thereof, to Jackson’s heartbreaking death.

Ryan Leaf Reveals Vincent Jackson's Death Hit Him Hard, Says He Almost Died Alone in Hotel

Ryan Leaf got very emotional when he learned about the death of former San Diego Chargers (now Los Angeles Chargers) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson. The former NFL quarterback posted a video reacting to Jackson's death and calling out the NFL for not doing enough. TMZ caught up with Leaf, who revealed that Jackson's death hit him hard because he almost died in a hotel room alone.
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Former Chargers' QB Ryan Leaf slams league after death of Vincent Jackson: 'The NFL just doesn’t f---ing care'

Former San Diego Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf slammed the NFL in an emotional video posted to social media on Monday, where he accused the league of not caring about the mental health of players after they retire. His video was in response to reports that longtime NFL wide receiver Vincent Jackson was found dead in a Florida hotel earlier that day.
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Ryan Leaf taking Vincent Jackson’s death really hard

Ryan Leaf is calling for the NFL to do more for retired players in the wake of Vincent Jackson’s death. Jackson, 38, was found dead in a Florida hotel room by a housekeeper on Monday morning. There were no apparent signs of trauma, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.
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Ryan Leaf rips NFL's inaction on former player mental health & substance abuse after Vincent Jackson's death

Only four years after playing his final down of NFL football, former Pro Bowl San Diego Chargers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson's life came to a lonely end in a Florida hotel room on Monday. A three-time Pro Bowler and a fan favorite with both the Bolts and Bucs, Jackson's death has been mourned as a tragedy - But it's one that, in the opinion of another former NFL player, illustrates what's wrong with how the shield regards players once they take their uniforms off and enter post-playing life.