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Ruthie Henshall: 'I've gone from grief to peace'

Actress Ruthie Henshall said she had gone from "grief to peace" after being able to visit her mother in a care home. Henshall said seeing her mother, who has dementia and lives in a care home near Ipswich, was the "best gift ever". Since Monday, individuals have been allowed to...
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Ruthie Henshall: ‘It’s broken my heart to see Mum isolated in a care home’

When I started dancing in primary school, I had dreams of looking like the older girls I used to watch doing ballet in the playground. But my mum Gloria – who was always my harshest critic – used to call me “banana fingers” when I practised, because she thought my hands looked more like a bunch of fruit. This is a perfect summary of her character: she was always my biggest supporter, but she never shied away from saying things exactly as they were. She wasn’t pushy, but she firmly believed that her daughter was the most talented person on Earth. I will always be grateful for that.