The Russos threatened to quit Marvel’s Civil War over creative differences

A newly-released book about the making of the MCU reveals that the Russo Brothers almost quit during the making of Captain America: Civil War over creative differences. The Russos have become synonymous with the MCU since they directed four films in the franchise, including the climax of The Infinity Saga – Infinity War and Endgame. But this doesn’t mean that they have always agreed with the Marvel head honchos.
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Russos “The Gray Man” Wraps Filming

Joe and Anthony Russo (“Avengers: Endgame”) have confirmed that production on Netflix’s action-thriller feature “The Gray Man” has wrapped after over nearly five months of filming. Ryan Gosling stars as Court Gentry, a former CIA operative-turned-assassin who is also known as the Gray Man. Chris Evans plays Lloyd Hansen, Gentry’s...
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Karen Gillan Teases a "Bonkers" Nebula in 'Thor 4' and Specifies James Gunn, The Russos, and Taika Waititi’s Unique Contributions to the Character

We’re about to celebrate a Collider Ladies Night first; Karen Gillan is officially the show’s first returning guest! Back in December 2019 when she made her first appearance, we put a heavy emphasis on her run in the Jumanji franchise, her work behind the lens and her love of horror movies. This time around, however, we’re highlighting her upcoming Netflix release, Gunpowder Milkshake, and leaning a bit more into the Marvel of it all.

The Russos’ movie after Avengers is deeply surprising

Cleveland has a rep. Even its suburbs, like Parma, have a rep. It’s a hardscrabble Rust Belt city, that, like Detroit, St. Louis, and Buffalo, has seen better days. It probably needs the help of a superhero, but offering charity might get your hand bitten off by the locals. They like it that way.