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Russell Brand Has Gone From Super Progressive To Joining Don Jr. And Other MAGA Heads On Rumble After Being Censored On YouTube

As you may recall, Russell Brand was once a very loud lefty progressive. He starred in documentaries about ending the war on drugs and fixing income inequality. He even once had a biweekly column in the liberal rag The New Statesman. Now look at him. After the pandemic began, he found a new audience by preaching to anti-vaxxers and other right-wing conspiracy theories — all while losing some of his old audience, who thought he’d “officially lost his mind.” Now the rebranding (so to speak) appears to be complete: He’s signed up with the far right video platform Rumble.

Oscar Isaac: “My inspiration for ‘Moon Knight’? Russell Brand and Karl Pilkington”

In the flesh, Oscar Isaac has a relaxed charisma that puts you at ease. Ahead of his arrival, NME has been shuffled from one tastefully beige London hotel room to another, but he soon charms away any awkwardness. He’s warm, smiling and shakes NME‘s hand firmly: no fist bumps here. Sadly he isn’t wearing the internet-slaying skirt suit he rocked to the previous evening’s Moon Knight premiere, just a casual blazer and jeans today. But hey, you can’t have everything.

Voices: Forget Russell Brand – tech companies are to blame for the spread of conspiracy theories

In the 24 hours after this column is published, it’s likely I’ll be accused of being a “shill” for mainstream media, a globalist, someone in receipt of funding from Big Pharma (looking at my energy bills, that be welcome), or an agent of Russia, China and/or NATO. By this logic, my humble, 800-word column will be part of a co-ordinated effort – carefully planned by a mixture of powerful media tycoons, plotting politicians and major global institutions – to suppress and diminish the truth. Few will have likely read it or considered its argument. Instead, this article will become little...

Fire Chief Russell Brand guest speaker at weekly Lions club meeting

Perry Lions Club hosted their weekly meeting Thursday, Jan. 20 at noon. Lion member Shane Leach led the meeting in the pledge of allegiance while Mandy Snyder offered a prayer. Student Lions Justin Venard and Macy Koch began the meeting with the student report that included: •Thursday, Jan. 21 Perry Wrestling dualed against Perkins. •Perry Wrestling dualed in a tournament against Sallisaw…