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Russ Thomas of Availity: “Not always right”

What we’re doing is leveraging digital capabilities and data to transform these very analog processes in healthcare into something that is real time or automated and very efficient in the workflow. For example, billions and billions of dollars each year are reimbursed to physicians for services that they have rendered. Some period of time after reimbursement, the physicians reconcile their books and move on to the next month. Then a vendor shows up and says, “You know that payment we made to you or that health plan three months ago? We now have to take some of that money back.”
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Russ Thomas: The Beginning and Ending of Writing

Mystery and crime novelist Russ Thomas discusses why he believes character is the beginning and ending of writing and what inspired his latest book, Nighthawking. Russ Thomas grew up in the '80s reading anything he could get his hands on, writing stories, watching television, and playing video games: in short, anything that avoided the Great Outdoors. After a few 'proper' jobs, he discovered the joys of bookselling, where he could talk to people about books all day. Now a full-time writer, he also teaches creative writing classes and mentors new authors.
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