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Úrsula Corberó already has her action figure from Snake Eyes: El Origen

Yesterday the first images of Snake Eyes: The spi-off origin of the film GI: Joe were known, and one of the most prominent was that of Úrsula Corberó as the Baroness. It had been a long time since news of the spin off of GI: Joe, Snake Eyes: The Origin, appeared, a film that will tell us about the beginnings of the coolest Joe of all that exist in the franchise. The film will also be the first film in the GI Joe franchise to hit the big screen since 2013’s GI Joe: Retaliation, restarting the series with a new cast led by Henry Golding in the title role. Andrew Koji, Iko Uwais, Úrsula Corberó, Samara Weaving, and Peter Mensah also star in Snake Eyes.
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First image of Úrsula Corberó as the Baroness of ‘Snake Eyes: The Origin’

Úrsula Corberó makes the leap to Hollywood with ‘Snake Eyes: The Origin’, the spin-off of ‘GI Joe’ that will star Henry Golding. The actress of ‘La casa de papel’ has become the Baroness, lieutenant of the Cobra Command. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we already have the first photo of Corberó on paper.
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Spectacular first image of Úrsula Corberó in Snake Eyes: the origin

Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó will play the Baroness in the film Snake Eyes: The Origin, the new spin-off of GI Joe. They have published the first images of the film Snake Eyes: the origin (2021) and have revealed the characters, the world and the ninja action of the next installment of the action saga G.I. Joe. This film will be led by Henry Golding as Snake Eyes, Andrew Koji like Storm Shadow, Iko Uwais as Hard Master, Ursula Corberó like the Baroness, Samara weaving like Scarlett and Peter Mensah as Blind Master.
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First images of Úrsula Corberó!

The paper house is preparing for its last season on NetflixNetflix and the first image of Úrsula Corberó was released. The paper house is very close to its end. The new season of the series will also be the last, and therefore, fans are very eager to see how this story that has been shocking for a long time will end. While we wait for Netflix to announce a release date and the team to continue recording it, Úrsula Corberó shared the first image of Tokyo in this final stage.
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Image filter Úrsula Corberó, “La Casa de Papel 5” release date

A few hours ago, the famous actress who played Such in the series of Alex Pina, Úrsula Corberó published on her account Instagram the first photo characterized as his famous character, and both the fans and the general audience have exploded with excitement. That's right, the talented woman revolutionized social...