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Duck Blinds and Abortions by Ross Jones

A week doesn’t seem to pass without news of another legislature considering action to limit or deny abortions in its state. And the subject is front and center at the Supreme Court in its current session. If the Court should decide to overturn Roe V. Wade it has been estimated that some 26 states would enact anti-abortion statues.
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NY Mets: Ross Jones was around during an exciting time in team history

Every New York Mets fan seems to be asking “Why?” Why did the Mets flounder this year? Why didn’t Pete Alonso hit 50 home runs? Why didn’t Jeff McNeil hit .300? Why did Michael Conforto struggle mightily in his “walk” year? Why…why…why? You want to know why? Because…“If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Op-Ed: No Imagination in Afghanistan? By Ross Jones

Is the chaotic departure of Americans from Afghanistan partly the result of a failure of imagination by military and political leaders?. New York Times opinion writer, Tom Friedman, back on May 19, 2002, wrote: “The failure to prevent September 11 was not a failure of intelligence or coordination. It was a failure of imagination.”

Musings: In Praise of the Pressure Suit by Ross Jones

Fascinated by the Branson–Bezos space expeditions a few weeks back, I was curious to know whether at other civilians may have tested the limits of high altitude flying in past years. I found such a person, a youthful, rugged individualist who became famous for record-setting, long distance flying , speed...

Do It Now by Ross Jones

I don’t know how many times I had passed by that chair—the comfortable one with quiet, calming maroon upholstery, marred by a tiny white spot. I would glance at it and say to myself “later.”. But the other day, as I was about to pass up another opportunity to remove...

Thank you Ross Jones for a job well done

Ross Jones’ family and friends honored his life in a memorial service at St. Helena’s Anglican Church last Friday. Ross was a retired Navy captain, and for 13 years he served also as the City of Beaufort’s comptroller. Comptrollers are the ones who keep track penny-for-penny of the people’s money.

Deep Diving by Ross Jones

Is it because I’m and old guy—89 pushing 90 —or have the Lords of Language sneaked some things past me, filling daily speech with so many phrases I don’t recall hearing, even a few years ago. I am fascinated by new, popular words and phrases that appear with great frequency...

Senior Nation: “Go with What You’ve Got!” By Ross Jones

There was a day when metropolitan newspapers published several editions a day. That meant reporters could cover a breaking news event, write about it, and then update it, with more information, for the next edition, or the one after that. I faced that situation on my first day as a...

Home Invasions by Ross Jones

It’s probably about time to come clean. To let family and friends know I “have a past.” It’s finally time to admit to four stupid transgressions, the memories of which I can recall in minute detail decades after they occurred. Simply and plainly, I have an undetected record as a...