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Rosie Perez on ‘The Flight Attendant’ character: ‘There’s a reckoning coming’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“There’s a reckoning coming,” teases Rosie Perez about her treasonous character’s future on “The Flight Attendant,” which HBO Max has renewed for a second season. “I’m hoping for next season that she has to pay the piper now for the horrible choices that she’s made and she has to decide how much of a fight she’s going to make to win her family back,” reveals the actress in her exclusive interview with Gold Derby about playing Megan Briscoe (watch the video above). She continues, “It’s about her husband and it’s about her son. That’s it and I want her to come to that realization and try to get back to that and fix that, but it would be cool if she keeps messing up along the way because Megan’s Megan.”

Rosie Perez Says The Academy Has Never Invited Her Back To The Oscars Despite Her 1994 Nomination

Rosie Perez has said that the Academy hasn't ever invited her back to attend or present at the Oscars after her 1994 Oscar nomination. Perez has told Variety that despite being nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Fearless and her appearance in Spike Lee's Oscar-nominated film Do the Right Thing, the Academy hasn't ever asked her to come back as a guest or as a presenter. "Not even to sit in the audience, not to present, nothing--and I'm a member," she said.

Rosie Perez Says She Has Not Been Invited Back to Oscars Since 1994 Nomination

"Not even to sit in the audience, not to present, nothing -- and I'm a member." Rosie Perez opened up about not being invited back to the Oscars for over two decades. During an interview with Variety regarding upcoming Latinx representation in film, the actress revealed she has not been part of Hollywood's biggest night since being nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category for her performance in 1994's "Fearless."

Rosie Perez reveals “hurt” at never being invited back to Oscars

Rosie Perez has said “it hurts” to not have been invited back to the Oscars once, despite being nominated in 1994. The actress was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Fearless, going up against Anna Paquin in The Piano. Speaking to Variety about Latinx representation in the...
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Rosie Perez: I haven't been invited back to the Oscars since I was a nominee in 1994

“Not even to sit in the audience, not to present, nothing—and I’m a member,” Perez tells Variety. “I love the Academy Awards. I cheer on my peers, but it hurts. It’s like when your home team doesn’t ask you to come back into the stadium after you got up to bat and hit the home run.” Perez thinks her omission stems from Hollywood's long neglect of Latinos. Only four of the 23 Oscar categories this year have some kind of Latino representation.