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Rosie Duffield: MP considers leaving Labour over 'obsessive harassment'

An MP has said she is considering her future in the Labour Party after "obsessive harassment" from current and former party members. Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield claimed in a series of tweets that "personal, libellous, nasty" things had been published about her. "I have been subjected to this rubbish for...
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Rosie Duffield could quit Labour over ‘obsessive harassment’ by party members

Rosie Duffield has warned that she could quit Labour after accusing local party members of "obsessive harassment". The Canterbury MP, who has revealed receiving threats and abuse over her views on transgender rights and women's rights, said she was "considering my future in the party very carefully". Her comments caught...
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Rosie Duffield: I don’t talk about trans rights because it’s not my place

A Labour MP insisted she is not transphobic as she said it is not her place to speak on trans issues since it is not her “lived experience”.Rosie Duffield has come under fire for her opposition to “male-bodied biological men” being allowed to self-identify as female in order to access women-only spaces such as prisons and domestic violence refuges.But in an interview with Gloria De Piero to be broadcast on GB News on Monday, the MP for Canterbury said it is misogynistic that her opinions and views on trans issues have been “framed by a man who tweeted”.Ms Duffield,...

Rosie Duffield asked to defect to the Conservative Party amid trans row

A female Labour MP who has clashed with supporters in her party over trans rights has been invited to join the Conservative Party, it was reported last night. Rosie Duffield, whose Canterbury constituency is a key marginal seat, is said to have been invited, via informal channels, to cross the floor in recent weeks.

Labour member booed for defending Rosie Duffield over transgender views

A Labour delegate was heckled on Tuesday after defending Rosie Duffield, an MP who has received threats over her views on trans issues. Booing erupted on the floor of the conference hall at Labour’s annual five-day gathering in Brighton after activist Bronwen Davies spoke up in solidarity with the Canterbury MP.

Rosie Duffield meets Labour leader to discuss transgender issues

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said he has spoken to MP Rosie Duffield over the party's stance on transgender issues. Ms Duffield will not be attending this year's party conference because of online threats to her safety. The Canterbury MP has clashed with campaigners over her views on self identification...

MP Rosie Duffield wants meeting with Sir Keir Starmer over transgender debate

A Labour MP wants a meeting with Sir Keir Starmer to clarify where the party stands on transgender issues. Rosie Duffield, who has clashed with campaigners over her views on self identification for trans people, said the party's position was unclear. She also confirmed she would not attend this week's...
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Rosie Duffield calls for talks with Keir Starmer on Labour’s trans rights stance

Rosie Duffield has called for Keir Starmer to meet her and other female Labour MPs to discuss the party’s policy on transgender issues, confirming she will not attend Labour’s annual conference over worries she could face abuse because of her views on the subject. “I took the decision a few...
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Speaker condemns threats to MPs as Rosie Duffield skips Labour conference in trans rights row

The Speaker of the House of Commons has expressed support for Labour MP Rosie Duffield, who says she won’t attend her party’s conference because of a dispute with LGBT+ members over her stance on transgender rights.The Canterbury MP has decided to stay away from the annual gathering, which takes place in Brighton next week.She says she has been branded “transphobic” for “knowing that only women have a cervix”.“LGBT+ Labour now seem to hate my guts and I feared they’d have a massive go at me at conference,” Ms Duffield told The Sunday Times.“The people who threaten me I don’t...

Starmer's silence on Rosie Duffield speaks volumes

We’ve been here before. A female Labour MP fearful of attending her own party conference. In Luciana Berger’s case, she ended up attending anyway, accompanied by bodyguards lest the aggressive anti-Semitism to which she had already been subjected by hard Left supporters of her then party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, should turn violent.

Why has Starmer abandoned Rosie Duffield to the mob over the trans debate?

On the face of it, Rosie Duffield MP does not look like the kind of dangerous insurgent that moderate Labour leaders need to worry about. In an alternative universe, where Brexit was not the divisive issue it has become, the Canterbury MP would be exactly the kind of face the party should want to present to a country dubious about the wisdom of electing a Labour government: reassuringly articulate, sensible and an effective campaigner.