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Rose McGowan to Harvey Weinstein: There was no consent

NEW YORK (AP) — Rose McGowan says it’s time for Harvey Weinstein to drop his story about a “consensual” relationship. “He can fall off the planet,” the activist said during an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday. “My statement is truth. My statement is reality. Stop saying it’s consensual, you pig! You know it’s not true.”
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Actress Rose McGowan backs Independent filmmaker in Kingston

Kingston, Luzerne County (WOLF) — Sadaisha Shimmers is a transgender activist who's currently working on a television pilot in Kingston. The City of Kingston halted her filming and now actress and author Rose McGowan is backing Shimmers production. Sasha Shimmers moved 3,000 miles from California to Pennsylvania to begin filming...
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Rose McGowan calls depression battle an ‘intense beast’

Rose McGowan says she’s been quiet on social media because she’s been battling depression, calling it a “beast to dance with.”. “I haven’t been posting because I’ve been deeply sad and very low,” the “Charmed” actress wrote on her Instagram Story Thursday. “Depression is an intense beast.”. McGowan, who’s opened...
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Rose McGowan says she has been the ‘sleep 30 hours kind of sad’ in candid post about mental health

Rose McGowan has opened up about being ‘deeply sad’ and ‘very low’ in a candid post to her Instagram stories.On Thursday, June 3, the actress posted an update telling her 777,000 followers that she hasn’t been posting because of her mental health struggles. “Depression is an intense beast,” Mcgowan said. “If you’ve read my book I speak openly [about] depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I speak of my history with a mind that wants me to sleep forever. It blocks the sun for so many of us.” Offering some words of support to others who might be struggling, she said she has been reminding herself that many people suffer from depression and that she is not alone.“If...