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Triston Marez Releases Song ‘Where The Neon Lies’ Featuring Ronnie Dunn

24-years-old, Triston Marez is the future of country music. The Houston native is yet to release a full-length album but has seen great success with his first two EP’s and a handful of singles. He got started by winning the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Talent competition in 2014. Just a few years before he made the decision to pursue music seriously while he was recovering from heart-saving heart surgery.

Triston Marez Duets with Ronnie Dunn Ahead of Debut Album

Triston Marez has been a traditional country guy bubbling up in both Texas and Nashville for a good while now. And now he’s about ready to burst into the country music world proper with his debut record, and is getting a boost from a Country Music Hall of Famer to boot.

Rodney Crowell Teams With Keith Urban, Ronnie Dunn For ‘Songs From Quarantine’

The project benefits nonprofit Music Health Alliance. Rodney Crowell has teamed with fellow musicians including Keith Urban, Ronnie Dunn, Steve Earle, Rosanne Cash, Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams and more for the 13-song project Songs From Quarantine. The digital collection is available for only two weeks via Bandcamp. Among the songs...
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Ronnie Dunn Sticks Up For Blake Shelton Amid 'Minimum Wage' Backlash

Blake Shelton caught some heat on social media after debuting his new song, "Minimum Wage," during NBC's New Year's Eve special. The song, which the country star said is about his love for his fiance Gwen Stefani, consists of lyrics about being broke that upset many people. While some seemed to think the lyrics were "tone deaf," others, including Brooks & Dunn member Ronnie Dunn, jumped to his defense.
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Ronnie Dunn defends Blake Shelton amid backlash over new song 'Minimum Wage': 'Cultural scams'

Singer Ronnie Dunn spoke out in defense of his fellow country artist Blake Shelton after the latter caught backlash for his latest song. Shelton was the subject of debate on social media after he debuted his new single, "Minimum Wage" during NBC’s New Year’s Eve televised event. The song, which he said is about his love of fiance Gwen Stefani, contains lyrics about being broke that made many people upset.

Ronnie Dunn Backs Blake Shelton in ‘Minimum Wage’ Controversy

With 2021 barely underway, Blake Shelton has already stirred up some accidental controversy, drawing criticism for his new song, “Minimum Wage,” and his personal wealth. But one of his “millionaire” buddies has his back. Celebrating love that makes a paycheck-to-paycheck average Joe feel like a million bucks, “Minimum Wage” was...

Ronnie Dunn Defends Blake Shelton Amid 'Minimum Wage' Backlash

Blake Shelton debuted a new song during NBC's New Year's Eve special, "Minimum Wage," and it was instantly criticized on social media. Some felt the track was "tone deaf" during an economically challenging time for millions of Americans without jobs. Some Shelton fans liked the song though, including Brooks & Dunn member Ronnie Dunn, who published a long defense of the song on Instagram Monday.

Ronnie Dunn Has Blake Shelton’s Back Over the “Minimum Wage” Controversy

After the year from hell, Blake Shelton gave his fans a little slice of heaven on New Year’s Eve: a brand new song. It’s called “Minimum Wage.” As is, “Girl, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage.” It’s a topic that everyone — even Shelton — can absolutely relate to. One hundred percent. He’s talked before about roofing houses during the summers as a teenager, and doing anything and everything he could to earn his own money to buy his first guitar and eventually, move to Nashville. “My first job changed my life,” he told Cowboys & Indians. “For the first time, I was making my own money. And it was the greatest feeling I’d ever experienced. I was roofing houses, and I did that during two summers when I was still in high school. Man, it was such hard work, but I loved it.”