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‘The Chase’ Actor Bradley Walsh Throws Tantrum During BAFTA For Losing To Romesh Ranganathan

Bradley Walsh had his fans baffled and laughing, as he threw a 'tantrum' on live TV after losing against Romesh Ranganathan. The comedian, Romesh Ranganathan, was awarded at the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards for his turn on his comedy show "The Ranganation," where he is joined by a focus group of 20 members of the public, as well as celebrity guests, to take a funny, topical look at modern Britain, according to Metro UK.
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Bafta TV Awards 2021: Romesh Ranganathan among stars honoured at ceremony

Comedy stars Romesh Ranganathan, Charlie Cooper and Aimee Lou Wood have picked up prizes at this year's Bafta Television Awards. Ranganathan beat Graham Norton, Claudia Winkleman and Bradley Walsh to the best entertainment performance prize. Rakie Ayola won best supporting actress for Anthony, while Small Axe's Malachi Kirby was named...

Romesh Ranganathan turned to DJing amid lockdown

Romesh Ranganathan has revealed his ambition to perform a DJ set later in the year. Romesh Ranganathan has become a DJ during lockdown. The 43-year-old comedian has revealed he's taken up a new hobby as a means of curing his boredom amid the pandemic, and he hopes to perform in front of a crowd when the lockdown restrictions are eased later in the year.

Romesh Ranganathan cried in work toilets before pursuing comedy career

Comedy star Romesh Ranganathan has admitted he used to cry in toilet cubicles at work. Romesh Ranganathan used to cry in toilet cubicles at work before he pursued a comedy career. The 42-year-old stand-up star has recalled weeping in toilets in his previous jobs, as he struggled to cope with...
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Romesh Ranganathan: My hair is out of control. Should I grow a man-bun?

I don’t think I am somebody who is obsessed with his appearance. Most of the time I am just trying to look vaguely presentable. I hate looking in the mirror, and will often get to the afternoon, catch sight of my reflection and realise that I have toothpaste in my beard that my wife hasn’t bothered to tell me about, because she couldn’t be less invested.
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Romesh Ranganathan: is this the year I become a master chef and a superstar DJ?

I’m always conflicted about setting goals for the new year. True, it’s an arbitrary punctuation of time, and you can set goals whenever you want. But there is something to be said for the psychological fresh start that January brings, particularly when 2020 was so shit that, if it were a person, you would go up to it at a party and punch it in the face. Instead of having a go at you, everyone would applaud and form a queue so they, too, could punch it in the face. Then you’d find out it had given you all corona.