Rogers Hornsby

The All-Time MLB Team, Second base: Rogers Hornsby

It was the closest battle yet in this series. Jackie Robinson jumped out to an early read, but over the course of the weekend, Rogers Hornsby reeled in the gap, eventually prevailing by 38-32%. Joe Morgan got the bulk of the remaining votes with 24%, as the three-way race I expected, largely came to pass. But in the end, Hornsby's insane offensive numbers proved decisive. I mean, he's the only man in baseball history to bat .400 while hitting 40 home-runs. And yet, by OPS, that was only Rogers's THIRD-best season. His career batting average of .358 trails just Ty Cobb among major-leaguers, and his 1.010 ranks seventh. SABR says there is "really no debate that Hornsby is the greatest right-handed hitter of all time."
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Cubs History: Remembering the Rogers Hornsby trade

Baseball and history have always had a special connectedness. A lot of our past can be viewed through the lens of America’s pastime. And, at points, it is a neat thing to look back on moments within the game and how certain events helped shape the story. Taking a trip down memory lane with some Cubs history is certainly no exception, either.