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Facing Chinese invasion fleet, Rodrigo Duterte kneels before Xi

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is called a "strongman," and he likes the title. But he's anything but strong. Duterte's fake tough-man persona was again proved on Monday as China invaded waters in the Philippines' exclusive economic zone. While the invasion has taken the form of militia vessels rather than naval warships, it represents a deliberate and stark challenge to Filipino sovereignty. Evincing as much, defense minister Delfin Lorenzana offered his "grave concern" as to the Chinese action, adding that the fishing vessels are "violating our maritime rights and encroaching into our sovereign territory." Manila has now made an official diplomatic complaint to Beijing.

Rodrigo Duterte Is Using One of the World's Longest COVID-19 Lockdowns to Strengthen His Grip on the Philippines

Edd Gumban sleeps on a foldout bed in an office in central Manila. The 57-year-old photojournalist has a wife and a home in Bulacan, part of the commuter belt 14 miles north of the Philippine capital, but he is too afraid to go there. The Philippines began imposing stay-at-home orders last March, in a bid to halt the spread of COVID-19. There are confusing variations in rules from locality to locality, however. The armed police that man checkpoints have also, at times, been encouraged by President Rodrigo Duterte to shoot lockdown violators dead.
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Rodrigo Duterte: Philippine Presidency ‘Is Not for Women’

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Thursday that the presidency “is not for women” and that he has discouraged his politician daughter, Sara Duterte, from running for president of the Philippines. “My daughter is not running. I have told Inday not to run because I pity (her) knowing she will...
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Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte says women are not fit to be president

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte appeared to pour cold water on his daughter’s political ambitions this week when he suggested that women are ill-suited for the presidency, the latest in a string of disparaging remarks the leader has made against women. Duterte’s daughter, 42-year-old Sara Duterte-Carpio, is the incumbent mayor of...

Philippine Journalist Says Rodrigo Duterte's Presidency Is Based On 'Fear, Violence'

This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. At a time when many journalists are facing increasing threats around the world, my guest, Maria Ressa, has stood up to one of the world's most dangerous leaders. Ressa is a co-founder and executive editor of Rappler, an online media organization based in Manila. She's been covering the rise of the populist authoritarian President Rodrigo Duterte since he was a mayor in the Philippines. When he became president in 2016, Ressa and her reporters covered Duterte's bloody war on drugs, his expanding grip on all parts of the government and his crackdown on the press.