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Rod Serling talks to college students about the craft of writing

I've watched a lot of Rod Serling interviews in my day, but I'd never seen this one until last night. When I was a young teen, dreaming of becoming a writer, Serling was like a rock star to me, even a punk rock star, long before there was such a thing. He inculcated so much in me at that age. The line "Being a writer is easy, you just thread a piece of paper into your typewriter and you bleed" — I got that from Rod. And the idea of going for it. Getting it down. Not getting hung up on structure or form. Writing from your guts. All Rod.
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Mike, Rod Serling Requests a Visit With You But NOT in The Twilight Zone

50th anniversary of the classic TV series of horror and the macabre – “Rod Serling’s Night Gallery” (Anniversary date: Dec. 16, 1970). To mark this milestone, Creature Features is releasing “Rod Serling’s Night Gallery: The Art of Darkness,” a lavishly illustrated new coffee-table book highlighting the nightmarish paintings and sculptures featured in the series.
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Letter to the editor: Rod Serling was also born on Christmas Day

I’m sure the city manager means well with his 2020 assessment, after-all, he can be forgiven for thinking Tehachapi is faring much better than most communities because of its high degree of public spirit and support. Unfortunately, his optimism is neither realistic nor practical. COVIDism is more than just waiting...
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Even More Rod Serling

In “Night Terrors” [NYR, November 19, 2020], I noted several biographical works about Rod Serling, but neglected to include Gordon F. Sander’s Serling: The Rise and Twilight of Television’s Last Angry Man (1992), which came to my attention after I wrote the piece. I regret the omission. Andrew Delbanco. New...