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Howard the Duck voice actor explains why Robin Williams quit the movie within a week

Howard the Duck voice actor Chip Zien has talked about why Robin Williams quit the movie within days. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Zien explained that the actor was frustrated at having to match his performance to the movement of Howard's mouth (or bill). Since no actor had been cast for Howard during filming, puppeteers on set read his lines – which meant the bill moved with their more straightforward delivery, compared to Williams' famous style of zany improvisation.
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Robin Williams Was Supposed to Be Howard the Duck, But He Quit After Three Days

It is inconceivable now that any Marvel movie could end up being a box office bomb, but if we go back to 1986 then we come across not only the movie that introduced Marvel movies to the big screen but almost killed off any chance of any other Marvel films ever being made again. I'm talking of course about Howard the Duck, the now cult classic that was one of the biggest box office duds of all time. One little known fact about the movie recently discussed by Chip Zien, the actor who voiced Howard in the movie, is how Robin Williams was originally cast as the feathered hero, but quit after just three days.
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Howard The Duck Starred Robin Williams For A Time, But The Reason He Quit Makes Total Sense

I’m sorry, but you can’t say you love the Marvel Cinematic Universe if you don’t love Howard the Duck, as it was technically the very first Marvel movie. And while I’m only joking (sort of) about having to love Howard the Duck, you wouldn’t be alone in not even liking it. As one of its potential stars couldn’t even stand it. Surprise, Howard the Duck starred Robin Williams for a time. But the reason he quit makes total sense.

Hook Star Dante Basco Pays Tribute to Late Co-Star Robin Williams

Dante Basco had some nice words to say about his Hook co-star Robin Williams this week. The beloved comedian would have been celebrating his 70th birthday on the 21st of this month. The Avatar: The Last Airbender actor had some thoughts for his Instagram followers that might make you a little emotional. Basco wasn’t the beloved fandom staple he is now back when the movie was filming. Williams did everything in his power to make sure the young actors felt comfortable. All of Basco’s family were big Dead Poets Society fans and made a gift for the man who had made them smile so many times. The Rufio actor has never forgotten how important that film was for his career. When he spoke to last year, the star mentioned the special bond that the two shared.
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Mark Ronson shares bizarre ‘earliest memory’ of family friend Robin Williams

Mark Ronson has recalled meeting his parents’ many famous friends as a child.The music producer – whose father Laurence was a music manager from one of Britain’s wealthiest families, and whose mother was the writer and socialite Ann Dexter-Jones – told The Guardian that his parents “liked to party” with the stars.He revealed that one of his earliest memories is of the late actor Robin Williams, at the peak of his Mork & Mindy fame in the late 1970s, tucking him into bed and peering out the curtains in “some kind of cocaine paranoia”.Recalling meeting Williams two decades...
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Why Robin Williams Quit Marvel’s Howard the Duck

The very first Marvel movie (no, the assorted TV movies of the 1970s and 1980s don’t count, nor does the 1944 Captain America movie serial), 1986’s Howard the Duck turns 35 on August 1. That’s 35 years since the notorious, George Lucas produced movie featuring Steve Gerber’s iconoclastic and subversive Marvel Comics character flopped hard at the box office, marking the first of several difficult films to bear the Marvel brand.

Hook Star Dante Basco Pays Touching Birthday Tribute to Robin Williams

While Robin Williams' career spanned many well-loved movies, there are many who fondly remember his joyous take on Peter Pan in Hook, the sequel that saw a grown-up Peter returning to Neverland to take on the villainous Captain Hook (hammed up to the max by Dustin Hoffman) one more time. One of Williams' co-stars in the movie was Dante Basco, who played Rufio, leader of the Lost Boys and someone who was not instantly happy to see the return of Pan. When the movie was made, Basco, who also starred in Avatar: The Last Airbender, wasn't that well known and didn't instantly become the loved character that he is now, but on hisTwitter account he shared some thoughts on Williams to commemorate what would have been his 70th birthday last week, and how the iconic actor meant so much to him.

‘Howard The Duck’s’ Animatronic Beak Led Robin Williams To Quit Production Within A Week

Written and directed by Willard Huyck, writer of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and close collaborator with George Lucas on several other projects, “Howard the Duck” is an infamous flop, a failure to translate the social satires of Marvel Comics’ anthropomorphic funny animal. A black spot in producer Lucas’s career, the film has had something of an afterlife as a cult film, a fact that The Hollywood Reporter has explored with a new 35th-anniversary oral history.

Robin Williams Quit The ‘Howard The Duck’ Movie After Three Frustrating Days, According To His Replacement

Marvel may be the dominant force in movies right now, but it got off to an inauspicious cinematic start. The first big-screen movie — and the last for 12 years, until Blade — was 1986’s Howard the Duck, based one of the more eccentric characters in the comics giant’s stable. It was a huge Lucasfilm production; it was, well, not another Star Wars. But time has been good to the onetime bomb, to the point where its 35th anniversary has produced a fawning look-back at The Hollywood Reporter, where we learn, among other things, that it very briefly starred Robin Williams.

Mark Ronson says one of his earliest memories is Robin Williams tucking him into bed

Producer Mark Ronson had a heck of a childhood, judging by a story he recently told that sounds like it's from that R-rated cut of Mrs. Doubtfire. In an interview with The Guardian posted on Monday, Ronson recalled that one of his earliest childhood memories is of Robin Williams, at the peak of his Mork & Mindy fame, tucking him into bed and peering out the curtains "in some kind of cocaine paranoia." The sitcom ended in 1982, so Ronson couldn't have been more than 6 or 7.

Robin Williams quit Howard the Duck after 3 days because he couldn't sync his voice with character's beak

Robin Williams managed to duck out early from an infamous bomb that could have sunk his career. To mark the 35th anniversary of Razzie powerhouse Howard the Duck, stars Lea Thompson and Chip Zien took a look back at the making of the 1986 live-action sci-fi comedy, which was a critical and commercial disaster. Zien, who voiced Howard, revealed that he became a last-minute addition when Williams dropped out after getting frustrated that he couldn't match his voice with the titular bird's animatronic beak.
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Robin Williams Suffered “Devastating” Dementia, Son Shares New Details

When Williams shockingly committed suicide at the age of 63 in 2015, his fans, the movie industry, and — especially, of course — his family, mourned the tragic loss. In the years since Williams’s death, his children — Zelda, Cody Alan, and Zachary Pym — and widow, Susan Schneider Williams, have raised awareness about their father’s mental health in hopes of preventing other families from experiencing what they have gone through following the Dead Poets Society (1989) star’s passing.
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5 Robin Williams Dark Comedies That People Don't Usually Talk About, But Should

When I was a kid, I loved Robin Williams movies. Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Jumanji. He was like a more refined version of Jim Carrey. Or so I thought. When I grew up into my teen years, I actually got deeper into his filmography and was surprised to find movies like Awakenings, Death to Smoochy, and Insomnia on his resume. It made me realize that this was a man with depth and tremendous range.
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Zak Williams Pays Tribute to Robin Williams, Recalling His Late Father's Final Days

Robin Williams would have just recently turned 70 years old if he were still with us today, and his children are remembering their father as son Zak shed some new light on the legendary comedian's final days. In 2014, Robin Williams died by suicide at the age of 63, news that came as a tremendous shock as he always seemed to be so full of life. His death has since been attributed to his struggles with Lewy body disease which had severely affected his brain by the time of his passing.