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Robin Swoboda: With age comes wisdom to find my phone

In my mind, I am still in my early 40s. My kids are still in grade school and I can still turn a head or two at a stoplight. In reality, I am now in my 60s, my oldest son is approaching the age of 30 and the only thing I turn at a stoplight is a middle finger that turns up in the car behind me when I don’t punch the gas pedal the minute the light turns green.
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Robin Swoboda: Baby boomer takes detour while strolling down Memory Lane

The shoe was on the other foot and it was feeling a little tight. After agreeing to be interviewed recently for a statewide magazine article on baby boomers, I didn’t give much thought to the fact that I would be the one answering the questions, not asking them. Bill Eichenberger...

Robin Swoboda: Tails are wagging at dog park named for Dick Goddard

He would have loved it. The barking, the chaos, the all-too-frequent nose-to-tail greeting, and that was just from the people. All kidding aside, from Schnauzers to shepherds, they came from near and far to celebrate the renaming of the dog park in Green to the Dick Goddard Dog Park. On...

Robin Swoboda: Happy anniversary, pandemic people

Happy anniversary, everyone! It’s been a year since we have been flattening the curve, and what a year it’s been. Many have holed up in their homes and parked outside stores while their groceries were carried out by the newest breed of “essential worker.”. Those who are able have been...

Robin Swoboda: Cute and cuddly can be trouble

What is it about the combination of a 3-year-old granddaughter and a borrowed German shepherd that can wreak more havoc on a house than any other force of nature?. As I sit here, in a rare moment of silence, I wonder how I made it through the toddler stages in my parenting years. When my daughter was Layla’s age, I had a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old. Or, to garner more even more sympathy, let me put it this way. When my youngest was a baby, the other two were under 1 and 3. I was also working part-time, anchoring the 6 p.m. news on WJW.

Robin Swoboda: Time to ‘go big or go home’ during COVID-19 lockdown

“Go big or go home.” Anyone who knows me, knows that’s my motto. At least it used to be. You know, back in the day. Back in the day when I worked at Channel 8 and between newscasts on the Fourth of July, I would get my buddies Tim Taylor and Dick Goddard to sneak up onto the roof with me to set off firecrackers and smoke bombs.