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Robert Maxwell

MUSCLE SHOALS — Robert “Peewee” Maxwell, 61, of Muscle Shoals, AL., passed away March 2, 2022. A graveside celebration of life will be held Sunday, March 6, 2022 at 2 p.m. in Colbert Memorial Gardens. He was preceded in death by his parents, Gladys and Robert Maxwell,...
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U.K. Judges Are Helping the Next Robert Maxwell

It is always convenient for editors to pontificate about press freedom when they lose court cases. However, the U.K. Supreme Court’s decision in Bloomberg LP v. ZXC is something that should frighten every decent journalist in Britain — as well as anybody who cares about justice, the conduct of capitalism or freedom of speech.
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Costa Book Awards: Robert Maxwell biography among winners

A book about the rise and fall of media mogul Robert Maxwell has won best biography at the Costa Book Awards. Judges said John Preston's biography Fall: The Mystery of Robert Maxwell, was "epic" and "a unanimous winner". Jewish publishing tycoon Maxwell escaped Nazi occupation by fleeing to France as...

How the spectre of press baron Robert Maxwell hung over the trial of his favourite daughter, Ghislaine

When Robert Maxwell’s body was found floating in the Atlantic Ocean, 20 miles southwest of Gran Canaria, speculation over the cause of his death immediately took hold – had he jumped, had he slipped into the water, or had he been murdered, most fancifully by Israeli intelligence?To some extent that speculation continues 30 years later. While a coroner ruled that the 68-year-old had died as a result of accidental drowning, to this day many who knew him believe that to be incorrect. One detail on which there is agreement about his demise in November 1991, as he faced the music...

The ghost of Robert Maxwell haunts business

Limits on the length of time one accountancy firm can audit a company’s books; a ban on the practice of seconding audit partners to the boards of clients; a promise to prevent audit being used as a platform from which to sell more profitable non-accountancy services such as consultancy. The...

Robert Maxwell, Not Rupert Murdoch, Was the Real-Life Logan Roy

When Bruce Springsteen sang “Rich man wanna be king / And a king ain’t satisfied ’til he rules everything” in 1978, he could have been singing about Robert Maxwell. By that point in his life, the man born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch in Czechoslovakia to Jewish parents who were killed during the Holocaust had lived 10 lives. He’d made a fortune, lost one, and by 1974, regained it, as John Preston writes in his new book, Fall. Maxwell, who had been ousted from the board of Pergamon Press a few years earlier, walked into the canteen of the main office, surprised all of the employees by walking into the room and proclaiming, “I’m back,” and then continued his quest to get everything he wanted.

Working Title Options TV Rights to Tycoon Robert Maxwell Book ‘Fall’ by ‘The Dig’ Writer John Preston

Working Title has optioned TV rights to bestselling author John Preston’s ( “A Very English Scandal,” “The Dig”) non-fiction book “Fall: The Mystery of Robert Maxwell.”. The book, published by Viking, an imprint of Penguin Books, earlier this month, charts British media mogul Robert Maxwell’s rise, fall and mysterious death.

Working Title options Robert Maxwell book

UK prodco Working Title Pictures, owned by Universal Pictures, has optioned the TV adaptation rights to author John Preston’s new book about the life of media mogul Robert Maxwell. Fall: The Mystery of Robert Maxwell was published by Penguin-owned Viking Books at the beginning of February. Preston’s first non-fiction work,...

Robert Maxwell TV Drama Being Developed At Working Title Based On Book By ‘A Very English Scandal’ Author

Working Title has optioned TV rights to author John Preston’s (A Very English Scandal, The Dig) new non-fiction book Fall: the Mystery of Robert Maxwell. The book, published by Viking on February 4, chronicles the business tycoon’s rise, scandalous fall and untimely death. A Czech immigrant to the UK, Maxwell built a publishing empire, and became an MP, before he was found dead overboard from his yacht in 1991; it was posthumously discovered that he had improperly used funds from the Mirror Publishing group’s pension pot to cover his other companies from bankruptcy. His youngest child is Ghislaine Maxwell, who is currently charged with sex trafficking crimes related to her links to Jeffrey Epstein.

Uncovering the Truth About Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine's Infamous Father

Ghislaine Maxwell wasn’t always the most infamous member of her storied family. In his new book, Fall: The Mysterious Life and Death of Robert Maxwell, Britain's Most Notorious Media Baron—an excerpt from which just published in T&C—writer John Preston goes behind the smoke-and-mirrors life of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s late father, who was world famous in his time as a publisher, power broker, and social climber par excellence.

‘A Very English Scandal’ author turns his attention to disgraced media tycoon Robert Maxwell in new biography

By all accounts thus far, this is the definitive – and possibly the last? – biography of the garishly compelling media titan, Robert Maxwell; father to Ghislaine, resident at Oxfordshire’s Italianate mansion Headington Hill Hall and proprietor of the Daily Mirror and New York Daily News. John Preston, author of A Very English Scandal – the book on the Jeremy Thorpe affair – is widely considered the best man to handle the riotous subject. In the Sunday Times author Robert Harris writes that it ‘slips down as richly, easily and pleasurably as a tablespoonful of Beluga caviar.’