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Robert Lamoureux | Can our kids move into our garage?

Question: Hi Robert, I live in Valencia and am considering converting our garage into additional living space for our kids. The economy is killing everyone, and this may be a way to help them out so they can save some good money. We own our home, and we are not...
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Robert Lamoureux | What to do about loose roof tiles?

Question: Robert, I recently noticed that a couple of tiles (Cal-Shake composite) have moved out of place on our roof. From what I can see, they seem to only need to be glued back in place. However, I was told in the past not to walk on these tiles as they were very brittle.

Robert Lamoureux | We failed inspection. Now what?

Question: Robert, this is Susan W. I live here in Canyon Country and finally after all of these years we were able to put a pool in. At the final inspection we did not pass because the heater is installed against the house below a second-story bathroom sliding window. The inspector says that the gases from the heater could go into the house.

Robert Lamoureux | Tips for a disobedient pool skimmer door

Question: Hi Robert, my name is Terry H., I live here in Santa Clarita. I have a pool, and a couple years ago the door to my pool skimmer broke off and I replaced it with a retrofit, which is spring loaded. This thing continues to come off and I find it floating. I’m at my wit’s end and completely frustrated. Shy of tearing the entire skimmer out and replacing it all, is there anything I can do to replace the door portion with one that will operate as expected, though it is not an original part?

Robert Lamoureux | Do they have to take down the roof?

Question: Hi Robert, my name is Elizabeth W., I live in Canyon Country where I sit on the board of directors for our association. One of the overhangs out front has a pole that holds the roof up and is rotted underneath as well as where it sticks out on the end. They are telling us that the entire roof must come down in order to replace this piece of lumber. I’ve submitted a photo for you to review. Can you tell me if what we are being told is accurate?

Robert Lamoureux | Can you do a tankless job yourself?

Question: Robert, I read your article faithfully weekly. Thank you for all the insight you give, it helps us to be more consumer-savvy. We had a tankless water heater put in a little over a year ago and now the installer is saying that we need to clean it annually, needing a service. Are we being taken advantage of or is this legitimate? We weren’t told this at the time of purchase/install. Judy.

Robert Lamoureux | What to do about uneven HVAC distribution?

Question: Hi Robert, I have enjoyed your insightful answers to various construction-related questions for many years and I now have one of my own. I am the original owner of a home in Santa Clarita that was built in 1988. This is a rather long single-story home with about 70 linear feet of living space. My issue is that the central air and heating source is in the garage at the opposite end of where our master bedroom and bath are located, and this area is the last to receive warm or cool air due to a distribution system that branches out to other rooms before reaching the far end of the house.

Robert Lamoureux | Tips on DIY clog removal

Question: Hi Robert, I have a clogged master bathroom sink and would like to avoid calling a plumber. I tried some of the store products, the Liquid-Plumr, but that did not help. This is the first home I’ve owned and I have no experience in repairs, as I’ve never learned such things. I live alone so it is just myself, but I would like to learn. Any advice on where I can turn to begin? Linda L.

Robert Lamoureux | How many proposals needed per project?

Question: Robert, thank you for the effort you put in to answering so many questions. I’ve utilized the information from many answers over the years. My question today is, how many proposals should I get for a certain job I need done at my home? It’s a larger project and I’ve never hired a contractor before, for something like this. Any advice you can give me would be very helpful to me. Thank you in advance, for your help. Vance L.

Robert Lamoureux | DIY drywall projects can be done

Question: Robert, I have a small remodel project I’ve been working on, doing all the work myself. The one part of it I haven’t done before is drywall, but I’d like to continue without hiring anyone. First, do you think it is possible to do this properly as a first timer, and have it look right? Also, I hear there is a special way you have to install the screws to hold the drywall properly, can you give a brief explanation on this, please? — John F.

Robert Lamoureux | Are driveway marks cause for alarm?

Question: Hi Robert, you have helped me in the past and hoping you can do so again. I have forwarded you a picture of my driveway and will send you another picture in another email. I am not very technical on computers, sorry. Can you tell what these marks are on the driveway? They look like water marks to me, but are on the concrete all the time, not only after rain. Also, in the next picture the concrete turned dark in some places near the garage door. I would like to know what I should do about this, if anything.

Robert Lamoureux | Which shower remodel option is most leak-proof?

Question: Robert, we need to remodel our master bathroom and are not sure which way to go for the shower, should we put in a shower pan then tile above it, or is it safe to do the tile bottom, which is the look we prefer? It’s an upstairs master so we want to do it right so that we don’t have any leak issues in the future. Can you explain your preference and why, please? — Janice G.

Robert Lamoureux | What to do about cracked ramp?

Question: Robert, I live in Santa Clarita in a homeowner’s association where I am a board member. We have a parking ramp, which takes us down inside our garage. I’ve submitted photos to show two cracks on top of the ramp and the bottom. There is water entering these cracks, causing leaks to the below areas, and we are being told many different things in order to solve the issue. We are not contractors so are wary of following any of this advice because not one is like the other. One tells us to open the cracks more and put some kind of caulking in them. Another tells us to break out the top of the ramp and the last says to put a waterproofing system onto this entire ramp. We are just not sure which direction to go so we as a group decided to ask you for your recommendation. Mark E.