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I Might Buy More Bitcoin at $27K: Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki

Depending on the global macro environment in the following months, Robert Kiyosaki may buy even more bitcoins, especially at these lower prices. Bitcoin’s declining price is actually “great news” for Robert Kiyosaki – the author of the global best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad. In a recent tweet, the investor even asserted that he might start buying again more portions of the primary cryptocurrency should the price fall to $27,000.

Why the falling price of bitcoin is good news for Robert Kiyosaki

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process. This Sunday, May 30, investor Robert Kiyosaki tweeted that he was pleased with the price drop that bitcoin has experienced. But what was the reason?. "Bitcoin is collapsing. This is great news....

Robert Kiyosaki On Why Bitcoin Plunging Below $30,000 Will Make It An Attractive Buy

Robert Kiyosaki, the author behind the famous finance book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ has been a vocal Bitcoiner over the past years. The author, who has stacked some Bitcoin under his belt last year, has been an evangelist in the Bitcoin community, often urging other investors to hold and persist, while simultaneously highlighting the downsides of the traditional market. In a recent tweet, Kiyosaki spills a not-so-popular opinion on why Bitcoin plunging below $30,000 is attractive.

As Bitcoin Wallows In Red, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki Gives His Two Cents On The Bearish Market

The co-author of the award-winning book – Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has lent his valuable two cents on Bitcoin, urging investors to ‘buy the dip’. Bitcoin has continued to wallow in a sea of reds for the second week in a row, losing over 24% of its value as panic owners rush to liquidate, and unwavering hodlers stay confident of a rebound around the corner.

Robert Kiyosaki on Bitcoin and Crypto Crash

In this video, Alexandria Gonzalez talks to "Rich Dad" Robert Kiyosaki, a well-known author, and financial teacher. They discuss the recent Bitcoin crash and why it should be good news for millennial investors.

Robert Kiyosaki races to buy Bitcoin and Ether as the economy weakens

Robert Kiyosaki—American businessman and author of Rich Dad Poor Dad—maintains his protracted campaign for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold, and Silver, ceaselessly criticizing the government for the state of the economy. In a recent tweet which was only one of the several elements that characterize his campaign for virtual assets, the entrepreneur...
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9 Priceless Lessons By Robert Kiyosaki Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

While Robert Kiyosaki is mainly known for his popular book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he’s also an investor and the founder of several businesses. His estimated net worth is $80 million and his teachings have already helped millions of people to improve their financial literacy. For many years, he’s influencing and teaching millions of people worldwide. His products and services teach how to handle money correctly and build wealth, even if you start from scratch.

Robert Kiyosaki responds to Janet Yellen’s warning about Bitcoin

Janet Yellen said on Monday that Bitcoin is highly volatile and an inefficient way for transactions. Robert Kiyosaki argued that the massive US dollar printing was efficient either, but makes Bitcoin more valuable. On Monday, Janet Yellen, the United States Treasury Secretary, issued a warning about the largest digital currency,...

Robert Kiyosaki Predicts $50,000 for Bitcoin Price in 2021

If Bitcoin starts trading at $50,000, its market cap will then rise to $928 billion which is about 10% of the market cap of gold. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has joined the tall list of experts who firmly believe that Bitcoin will set the world ablaze in 2021 with its price. According to his price prediction, there is a huge potential in the Bitcoin market because its market cap is just 2.9% of that of Gold.