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Robert Graves Killed in Vehicle Crash on Valencia Road [Tucson, AZ]

Vehicle Collision on Valencia Road Left One Fatality. According to reports, authorities responded just before 9 p.m. in the area of West Valencia Road and South Commerce Court, just west of Interstate 19. Furthermore based on the investigation, Graves was driving a Nissan Armada eastbound along Valencia. Consequently, he got...
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Off Topic: Dr Robert Graves and the second hand

When time grew close, I discovered time. Which is to say, I guess, that I emerged from the first lockdown tending a new fascination with mechanical wristwatches. It's shameful in a way - wrongly, I had always associated watches and the people who love them with a certain kind of sneering conservatism. Watches the size of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups glinting and twitching on huge wrists. But I had read an essay by William Gibson about his own discovery of watches at the same time that he discovered very early eBay back in the nineties. I was hooked by the magic of the watch word horde: escapement, movement, complication. I was hooked too by something he refers to as the "Tamagotchi gesture". This is the fact that a mechanical watch needs its owner. It needs caring - to wind, to reset the time, to spin the day date window through its lazy cycles.
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Robert Graves: among the best poetry in English literature

Call it a good marriage — For no one ever questioned. As love from lies, or truth from art. She mounts her lion among men. To hold each treasonable eye. Of scorn at those of naked skin. Dead Cow Farm. An ancient saga tells us how. In the beginning the...

Obituary for Robert Graves

Robert Duane Graves, age 84, of Perry, Oklahoma passed away 25 August 2021 in Oklahoma City. A celebration of life will be held on Tuesday, 31 August 2021 at 10 AM at First Baptist Church in Perry, Oklahoma with Mike Dvorak and Allen Dunn officiating. Those unable to attend the ceremony may attend virtually on the Trout Funeral Home website and click on the live-stream or toolbar icon on the top right corner after 9:45AM. Robert will be laid to rest at Grace Hill Cemetery following the service.

Poetry Monday!: "The Persian Version" by Robert Graves

Here's "The Persian Version" (1943) by Robert Graves (1895-1985). (This is on my YouTube channel, which mostly consists of my Sasha Reads playlist, plus a smattering of law-related songs.) Written during World War II, this is all about political spin and fake news—read up on the Battle of Marathon (490 B.C.) here.