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Books, Confederate memorabilia found in Robert E Lee time capsule but no rumoured coffin photo of Lincoln

Conservation experts in Richmond, Virginia, have opened a time capsule found inside the pedestal that until recently supported a statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee.Inside they found books, money, ammunition, documents, and other artifacts, but speculation regarding the presence of a photo of Abraham Lincoln lying in his coffin proved unfounded.The lead conservator for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Kate Ridgway, said the measurements and material of the box, copper, match historical accounts. As the contents inside were unpacked, they appeared to match the description of the 1887 time capsule they had been looking for.“It does appear...
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Crews find second time capsule from 1887 under pedestal of Robert E Lee statue

A second time capsule has been found by crews working to remove what remains of the statue of Confederate general Robert E Lee in Richmond, Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam said a long sought-after box was discovered matching a capsule documented by historians and in records, on Monday. It is thought to be from 1887, when thousands of Virginians attended a cornerstone-laying ceremony for the statue of the former Confederate general, Robert E Lee. In addition to Confederate memorabilia, the capsule could contain a rare photo of former US president Abraham Lincoln. Although that remains to be seen. Mr Northam said...

Century-old time capsule found under dismantled statue of Robert E Lee is opened

A buried time capsule discovered under a dismantled statue of Robert E Lee has been opened, 134 years after the monument was erected.The tin of artefacts, opened on Wednesday, was hidden in the plinth of the statue that stood in Richmond, Virginia. Sadly, the contents were completely waterlogged when discovered. The contents of the tin included an almanac from 1875, three damaged books – including a copy of The Huguenot Lovers: A Tale of the Old Dominion by Collinson by Pierrepont Edwards Burgwyn – a silver coin, and a cloth envelope, which appears to have a picture in it. The...

Church replaces stained glass window of Robert E Lee with first Black female bishop

A church in Idaho has replaced a stained glass window depicting General Robert E Lee, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln with the first Black female bishop in the Methodist church. Bishop Leontine Leontine Kelly died at the age of 92 in 2012 and had lived in the Virginia capital of Richmond where statues of Confederate leaders, including Robert E Lee, previously lined Monument Avenue. The statue of Gen Lee was removed by the city on 8 September. Governor Ralph Northam recommended the removal of the statue in June 2020 when it became the subject of racial justice protests.The stained...

Robert E Lee: Confederate general statue to be turned into art

A statue of the American Confederate general Robert E Lee that was a focal point in deadly 2017 protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, is to be melted down into a piece of public art. The statue was removed in July after being a source of contention for years. It was at...

Charlottesville will melt down controversial Robert E Lee statue at centre of 2017 hate rally

A controversial statue of Confederate general Robert E Lee that was the focal point of the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, will be melted down and transformed into an anti-racist piece of public art.On Tuesday, the Charlottesville city council voted 4-0 to donate the statue of the Confederate leader to an African-American history museum, which plans to melt the 1,100 pound monument and incorporate the materials into a new piece of public art organisers say will “transform a national symbol of white supremacy into a new work of art that will reflect racial...

Richmond unveils monument to end of slavery two weeks after removing statue of Robert E Lee

A new statue commemorating the end of slavery has been erected in Richmond, Virginia – two weeks after the removal of the statue of Confederate general Robert E Lee.The new statue is called the Emancipation and Freedom Monument and it was designed by an Oregon sculptor named Thomas Jay Warren. The statue is made of bronze and stands at 12-feet tall. The scene in the statue depicts a man and a woman carrying an infant as they are emancipated from slavery.The monument has been built less than two miles from the previous location of the Robert E Lee statue...

Search for mysterious time capsule inside Robert E Lee statue is called off

The search for a 134-year-old time capsule officials believe is buried inside a controversial statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee has been called off.Workers spent a day digging through the removed statue’s giant granite pedestal to try and locate the 1887 time capsule, but were unsuccessful in finding it.Now the large pedestal pieces of the statue in Richmond, Virginia, will be reassembled with its whereabouts still unknown.The statue of Lee sat astride a horse was taken down on Wednesday, more than a year after Governor Ralph Northam ordered its removal in the wake of protests following the police...