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People & changes: Dewberry promotes Robert Beltran to vice president in Lakeland office

Robert Beltran was promoted by Dewberry to vice president in the firm's Lakeland office. Beltran is a business unit manager for the firm’s Lakeland office, which provides engineering services in the Florida water market. He has 27 years of experience and earned his master’s degree in environmental engineering (1995) and bachelor’s degree in civil engineering (1994) from Tulane University. He is a member of the American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation and president of the Florida WateReuse Association. He also serves as a planning commissioner for Polk County. Dewberry is a privately held professional services firm.
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Robert Beltran, PE, BCEE

Dewberry, a privately held professional services firm, has announced the promotion of more than 70 employees nationwide, including Robert Beltran, PE, BCEE, who has been promoted to vice president. Beltran is a business unit manager in the firm’s Lakeland, Florida, office, which provides engineering services in the Florida water market.
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'Star Trek: Prodigy' Clip Gives Extended Look at Janeway, Announces More Voice Cast Including 'Voyager's Robert Beltran

Paramount+ has released a new Star Trek: Prodigy clip that gives us an extended look at Star Trek: Voyager's Captain Janeway, who makes a glorious return in the upcoming animated series voiced by Kate Mulgrew. During the Star Trek: Prodigy New York Comic-Con panel, Paramount+ also revealed new members of the voice cast, including Daveed Diggs, Jameela Jamil, Jason Alexander, and Robert Beltran.

Robert Beltran tried to get fired from Voyager

As Star Trek: Voyager entered its fourth season and Jeri Ryan took a prominent place aboard the ship as the former Borg drone Seven of Nine, stories for other characters became smaller. For a while, while getting Seven acclimated to the ship, many story lines focused on her and her reintroduction to humanity. That left little room for further development of the characters who’d been with the series from the beginning, a fact that Robert Beltran didn’t appreciate.

Robert Beltran confirms return to Star Trek with Prodigy

Robert Beltran is returning to Star Trek with Prodigy appearance. Star Trek: Prodigy is getting yet another Voyager star to return to the series. Robert Beltran, who famously played Commander Chakotay, formerly of the Maquis, will reprise his character for the upcoming animated series debuting on Paramount+. Speaking at the 5-Year Mission Star Trek convention, Beltran revealed that he’s recording lines for the show (via TrekMovie);

Robert Beltran Says He’s Returning to Star Trek in ‘Prodigy’

It looks like Kate Mulgrew won’t be the only Voyager castmember returning to the Star Trek franchise in the upcoming animated series Star Trek: Prodigy. Robert Beltran, who played Chakotay on Voyager, appeared at the 55-Year Mission convention in Las Vegas on Sunday and dropped some big news. While on...

Braga thought Robert Beltran was unprofessional

By the third season of Star Trek: Voyager, some of the actors were wondering what was happening to their characters, where the show could go from that point forward. And fans were starting to ask why certain actors weren’t getting to do more. In a quote in The Fifty-Year Mission The Next 25 Years from The Next Generation to J.J. Abrams by Mark A. Altman and Edward Gross Robert Beltran, who played Commander Chakotay, said he’d read in an interview that a producer’s response to why he wasn’t doing more was that [he] was playing the second in command so he suffered from that. The answer didn’t make sense to him.

Star Trek Voyager: Robert Beltran was no fan of “The Killing Game”

Robert Beltran felt Germans were unfairly represented in “The Killing Game”. Star Trek: Voyager was a great show, but not every episode is going to be beloved by every person. Enter Robert Beltran, the man who brought Chakotay to life on the series. He’s often outspoken, especially about the issues he had with the series that made him a household name. One of his big criticisms came in the form of the season four episode, “The Killing Game”.

Robert Beltran doesn’t rule out a Chakotay return

Robert Beltran played Commander Chakotay on Star Trek: Voyager for seven seasons. As the smooth-talking, gentle second-in-command, he carried a sense of authority and reassurance that worked well with Captain Kathryn Janeway. And millions of fans would love to see that character return to the Star Trek universe. The question is: would he?

Voyager’s Robert Beltran called the Prime Directive “bunk”

In Star Trek, the Prime Directive was the compass for all Starfleet personnel. Simply stated, it meant that any and all members of Starfleet should not interfere in the natural development of a society, even if it meant saving lives. Unsurprisingly, some Starfleet officers had issues with the Prime Directive, especially when they saw people suffering and knew they could help. Of course, the directive wasn’t set in stone and did offer some leeway in certain situations. And there were plenty of times when Starfleet personnel ignored the order which Robert Beltran, who portrayed Commander Chakotay on Star Trek: Voyager, obviously wouldn’t have had a problem with.