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Robert Ballard — Into the Deep: A Memoir From the Man Who Found Titanic

In this conversation about his memoir and National Geographic special on his life, Robert Ballard takes us along his many journeys to find the Titanic, the Lusitania, the Bismarck, Nazi submarine U-166, the USS Yorktown, JFK’s PT 109, and two missing nuclear submarines under the cover of searching for the Titanic. Ballard is also a scientist, and he recalls his many important discoveries that include 750°F hydrothermal vents, undersea volcanoes, black smokers, and the confirmation of the theory of plate tectonics. Now the captain of E/V Nautilus, a state-of-the-art scientific exploration vessel rigged for research in oceanography, geology, biology, and archaeology, leads young scientists as they map the ocean floor, collect artifacts from ancient shipwrecks, and relay live-time adventures from remote-controlled submersibles to reveal amazing sea life. For the first time, Ballard gets personal, telling the inside stories of his adventures and challenges as a midwestern kid with dyslexia who became an internationally renowned ocean explorer. Here is the definitive story of the danger and discovery, conflict and triumph that make up his remarkable life. Among his many honors he holds the Explorers Club Medal, the National Geographic Hubbard Medal, and the National Endowment for the Humanities Medal.
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A Life at Sea: A Q&A with Robert Ballard

Robert Ballard—the man who found Titanic—has explored the ocean for more than 60 years with ships, submersibles, and remotely operated vehicles. Now, through the Ocean Exploration Trust, he continues to search the seas for archaeological wonders, geological oddities, and biological beasts. His new memoir, Into the Deep, takes readers on...
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Titanic discoverer Robert Ballard set to embark on major new expedition

As he prepares to turn 79 later this month, Titanic discoverer and Lyme resident Robert Ballard is about to embark on the 158th and most extensive expedition of his career. Next month, a consortium of organizations assembled by Ballard will launch a 10-year, $200 million federally funded effort to study the Pacific Ocean section of the country's vast offshore Economic Exclusion Zone, which includes far-flung destinations such as Guam and American Samoa.
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He found the Titanic, but for Robert Ballard the search never ends

Over six decades, his deep-sea expeditions have used technology and intuition to reveal a bounty of cultural treasures. “If the plane was in there, it would have seen it,” says Robert Ballard, referring to the 14-foot autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) launched from his 211-foot exploration vessel, the E/V Nautilus. He...