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The Doors' Robby Krieger - Part Two - Off The Road with Dave Lawrence

To celebrate, three remarkable guitarists join us. HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence welcomed back guitar monster Joe Satriani for his second appearance on Off The Road, and then a guy making his third visit on Off The Road, John McLaughlin. Today, it’s the conclusion of a debut, and an artist who will offer an exclusive musical performance: The Doors' Robby Krieger! He joined us from his house in Southern California, and his appearance follows our Off The Road interview with Doors drummer John Densmore last year.

The Doors' Robby Krieger - Part One - Off The Road with Dave Lawrence

Find the entire Off The Road series at Today, we’re entering the final week in a three-week celebration of Off The Road, marking a second anniversary of the series this month! Off The Road started when the pandemic cratered the entertainment touring industry, which often provided guests prior to the start of what would be Off The Road, in April 2020. The series has gone on to be a regular music feature, including artists who have returned to touring.

Robby Krieger Says Jim Morrison Dealt With Mental Issues

The Doors' co-founding guitarist Robby Krieger looked back on the band's late-frontman Jim Morrison 50 years after his death. Krieger has been busy publicizing his autobiography Set The Night On Fire: Living, Dying And Playing Guitar With The Doors as well as the 50th anniversary edition of the Doors' final album with Morrison — the classic, L.A. Woman.

Robby Krieger: Writing on the Storm

“Fortune-tellers usually don’t predict doom and gloom in your future—it’s bad for business.”. In 1968, The Doors were playing a show in Santa Barbara, and while in town guitarist Robby Krieger, along with drummer John Densmore, were dragged by longtime Whisky a Go-Go stalwarts and friends, Donna and Sharon, to visit a psychic with “the Gift,” called Ms. Clara. Everyone but Donna received their good fortune. Hers would reveal itself weeks later when Krieger, Donna, and her boyfriend were involved in a car accident driving to a fishing trip along the Mexican border. All three sustained injuries, including Donna who was left paralyzed from the waist down after the accident.

Classic Interview - Robby Krieger on making the Doors' LA Woman: "In my mind, Jim was indestructible. I thought he'd be drinking a fifth of whiskey a day until he was 90 years old. Guess I misjudged that…"

This interview was originally published in 2012 to celebrate the 40th anniversary reissue of LA Woman. "I'm glad that LA Woman was our last album," says Doors guitarist Robby Krieger. "It really captured what we were all about. The first record did, too, but LA Woman is more loose, it's live - it sounds almost like a rehearsal. It's pure Doors."

Robby Krieger on Jim Morrison: "There was no difference between Jim on-stage and off. I’m pretty sure Iggy Pop doesn’t roll around in glass in between trips to the supermarket and I doubt Hendrix ever set his guitar on fire just to keep warm"

Robby Krieger watched Jim Morrison go from a "very shy and reserved" young singer to a wildman proclaiming himself as god. The Doors was quite a trip, but the guitarist tells the Guardian that the legacy of the band's music will outlive the Morrison stories. “The music will outlast all...

Robby Krieger Says Jim Morrison Wanted to Experience Insanity

Doors guitarist Robby Krieger says late bandmate Jim Morrison welcomed syphilis, arguing that he didn't fear going crazy. The potentially fatal sexually transmitted disease’s symptoms can include the loss of mental faculties, and has long been connected to the lives of 18th and 19th century artists. But the development of modern antibiotics means that it's no longer usually lethal.