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Ask comic book artist Rob Liefeld to sign your feet at Kissimmee's Coliseum of Comics

Rob Liefeld is perhaps one of the most infamous comic book artists of all time. As a huge proponent of the aggro and tactical style of big-name comics in the '90s, his musclebound work became a frequent subject of ridicule among comic book fans and artists when extreme aesthetics fell out of favor. Even so, he did create some lasting legends (like Cable and Deadpool) during his time at Marvel, and he definitely deserves his fans for that. (The character of Deadpool even shared the most-repeated critique of his creator in Deadpool 2, making an offhand remark about a person "who can't draw feet.")
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Rob Liefeld

‘G.I. Joe’ Legend Larry Hama Joins ‘Snake Eyes: Deadgame’ Finale. Writer and artist Rob Liefeld is completing his series Snake Eyes: Deadgame with a little help from G.I. Joe legend Larry Hama. The upcoming fifth and final issue of the G.I. Joe spinoff centering…
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Archie Comics will publish THE SHIELD #1 with Rob Liefeld art and a new scripter

There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle around Archie Comics’s forthcoming Mighty Crusaders: The Shield one-shot. Back in December the publisher announced that Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld would be writing and drawing a series of one-shots revamping Archie’s superhero line, with the first book focusing on the star-spangled hero The Shield. Preview art released at the time included pages of a younger version of The Shield, as well as what appeared to be an older, gun-toting, Cable-esque version of the character. The one-shot was solicited in March for a June release, with a number of variant covers including one labeled “Top Secret.”

Rob Liefeld Unveils His First ‘Mighty Crusaders’ Cover

The Shield has long been a character near and dear to comic book artist and writer Rob Liefeld, and now he’s bringing him into the 21st century with new covers for an upcoming comic. Liefeld is launching a four-issue series reviving the classic superteam Mighty Crusaders from Archie Comics, and...
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The Mighty Crusaders return this June in The Shield #1 from Rob Liefeld

Writer/artist Rob Liefeld's previously announced revamp of Archie's Mighty Crusaders superhero franchise is now scheduled to launch in June with The Mighty Crusaders: The Shield #1, featuring a Liefeld-envisioned revamp of the character, widely regarded as the first patriotic American superhero having debuted a full year before Captain America. Ironically,...

Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Comments On Character's Mask Changes

This week, Marvel Comics is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of Deadpool's first appearance -- Rob Liefeld's New Mutants #98 -- with Deadpool Nerdy 30, a new one-shot featuring contributions from about a dozen writers and artists, including Liefeld and his fellow Deadpool fan-favorites Gail Simone, Joe Kelly, and Daniel Way. With all those different artists, you can be pretty sure that there will be some minor variables in the way Deadpool's costume is depicted. One of the big ones -- now and historically -- is the way his eyes appear on the mask. How big are they? How do they operate? Well, it depends on who you ask...just like how close, exactly, they are to Spider-Man's.

Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld On The Character's Costume Standing The Test Of Time

Relatively few superhero characters created in the last forty years have hung around as long as Deadpool -- but one of the things you might notice is that most of the new characters created during that period -- whether it's Lobo or Booster Gold or Sentry -- have come into comics almost fully-formed, with a look and a personality that may get tweaked or exaggerated, but which is instantly recognizable and immediately appealing. That aspect of Deadpool -- how his personality and especially his iconic look have remained largely unchanged in the thirty years since his creation -- is something that the character's creator, writer/artist Rob Liefeld, is proud of.

Rob Liefeld Talks His Star-Packed "Jam Issue" Finale of Snake Eyes: Deadgame (Exclusive)

In his hit IDW G.I. Joe miniseries Snake Eyes: Deadgame, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has been doing all of the heavy lifting himself. As writer, penciller, and inker, Liefeld has been the key selling point of the book, which has been one of the publisher's biggest hits in years. For its finale, though, Liefeld wanted to celebrate the history of the G.I. Joe franchise, and the Bronze Age of comics, during which the first G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comics were published. To that end, the last issue will feature a script and pencils by Liefeld, but he will not ink it himself.

Rob Liefeld on Crafting R-Rated ‘Deadpool’ Art to Match the Movies

A few weeks ago, Rob Liefeld was in his home studio crafting some rather R-rated Deadpool artwork as part of a comic tied to Marvel’s 30th-anniversary celebration of the character. Had he gone too far? Would it make it past Marvel’s standards and practices?. “This has to do with the...
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Rob Liefeld Offers Exclusive Marvel Comics Deadpool 30th Anniversary Variant Covers “Different” Than Main Variants! (Sans Spoilers)

Rob Liefeld Offers Exclusive Marvel Comics Deadpool 30th Anniversary Variant Covers “Different” Than Main Variants! (Sans Spoilers) Earlier Marvel announced that Rob Liefeld would working on 30 variant covers to adorn books across their line with about 11 variants teased. Now, Rob Liefeld is selling exclusive versions of at least...


Announced last month, Deadpool’s 30th anniversary will be celebrated all year long with an incredible series of variant covers all drawn by Deadpool co-creator and legendary artist Rob Liefeld. Liefeld will bring Deadpool to life on 30 different covers that will be released on some of your favorite ongoing series throughout 2021, and today, Marvel Comics is proud to present the next set of covers in this amazing collection. Getting the star treatment he deserves, the Merc with the Mouth will be teaming up with heroes from all across the Marvel Universe such as Captain America, Iron Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.