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High Gas Prices Are Oil Companies' Fault, Says Ro Khanna, and Democrats Should Go After Them

Inflation is rankling voters, and the conventional wisdom in Washington is that sky high gas prices are a big liability for Congressional Democrats , who are already expected to lose seats in the fast-approaching midterm elections. Republicans have tried to place the blame for higher costs on the Biden Administration’s green agenda—never mind that Democrats have struggled to implement those policies—while Democrats, particularly in the administration, tend to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ongoing war in Ukraine.
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Planned Parenthood leaders come together to discuss …. Doctor reacts to one million COVID deaths in U.S. Oversight hearing held on Gov. Newsom’s COVID response. Animal advocates protest city’s goose killing plan.
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Claflin University President Dr. Dwaun J. Warmack Holds “Fireside Chat” Featuring California Congressman Ro Khanna

California Congressman Ro Khanna returned to Claflin University’s Ministers’ Hall recently to participate in a “Fireside Chat” with President Dwaun J. Warmack. The event featured a question-and-answer session with Khanna, Dr. Warmack, and audience members. In 2018, South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn, Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan,...
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U.S. Representative Ro Khanna Discusses Big Tech at Harvard IOP Forum

Monday’s IOP Forum featured Ro Khanna, as well as Professors Amartya Sen and Michael Sandel. By Miles J. Herszenhorn. United States Representative Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) spoke about the role of technology in the future of the American economy while discussing his new book at a Harvard Institute of Politics forum on Monday evening.

The One Thing Ro Khanna Thinks Donald Trump Gets Right

And why he's desperate to convince his Democratic colleagues. Ruby Cramer is a senior staff writer at POLITICO Magazine. Would you like to interview Ro Khanna? Progressive guy, co-chair of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign, congressman representing Silicon Valley, interpreter of Big Tech, cheerleader for Joe Biden who is trying, any way he can, to help the Democrats sell their accomplishments — or sell anything at all? Sure, it won’t be a problem. Just tweet at him. He’s always checking the replies. He does late-night TV and mainstream TV and partisan TV. Ben Shapiro, Katie Halper, Michael Moore, Brian Kilmeade, Christian Broadcast Network — he’s done them all. He’ll join your podcast, your radio show, he’ll come to you live via Fox, MSNBC — whatever you watch.
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Rep. Ro Khanna on Dignity in a Digital Age

Bakari Sellers is joined by Silicon Valley Congressman Ro Khanna to discuss the importance of understanding technology (2:54), the potential revitalization thanks to the U.S. Innovation and Competition bill (8:10), and what Democrats need to do to maintain numbers in the House and Senate (15:22). Host: Bakari Sellers. Guest: Rep....