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'Holy sh*t:' Miggy takes cue from Rickey Henderson in heist of third

On a night he passed Ken Griffey Jr. and tied Ted Williams on the all-time RBI list, Miguel Cabrera's most impressive feat was stealing his first base in two years. Sneaking his way off second -- all 270 lbs. of him -- with the Tigers leading the Royals 4-3 in the seventh Tuesday, Cabrera bolted for third. It caught all of Kauffman Stadium by surprise, including Royals catcher MJ Melendez whose throw to third baseman Emmanuel Rivera sailed into left field. Cabrera slid in safely, popped up and scampered home, grinning the whole way.

Howard Bryant on baseball legend Rickey Henderson

Howard Bryant is an author, sports correspondent for NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday and a senior writer for ESPN. In his new book, Rickey: The Life and Legend of an American Original, he looks at how Rickey Henderson's Oakland roots helped shape him into one of the greatest to ever play baseball.

Book excerpt: "Rickey," on the life of baseball legend Rickey Henderson

Sports writer Howard Bryant's new biography, "Rickey: The Life and Legend of an American Original" (Mariner), tells the captivating story of Rickey Henderson, the Hall of Famer who holds the MLB records for runs and stolen bases, and how he helped change the game forever. Read an excerpt below:. You...
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Rickey Henderson ranked 23rd-best MLB player on ESPN Top 100 list

Last week, ESPN released a list of the Top 100 MLB players of all time. Sounds like the perfect thing to argue about during a lockout. Several Oakland A’s legends made the cut, including five Hall of Famers who were longtime greats for the franchise. 23. Rickey Henderson. 40....

Rickey Henderson considered greatest player in A’s history by ESPN

Chances are, when people think about the Oakland A’s, the first player they think of is Rickey Henderson. He was a force of nature unto himself, a player that has not been seen before or after his time in the majors came to an end. Chances are, there will never be another player like Rickey Henderson.

Oakland A’s: The gift of Rickey Henderson

It makes sense that Rickey Henderson was born on Christmas Day. He was the gift that kept on giving to the Oakland A’s, having four different stints with the franchise as a player. Henderson was not just the greatest leadoff hitter in the history of the game, but he was one of the greatest players in A’s history.

Mariners Short Stints in Seattle: Rickey Henderson!

I always enjoy going back and thinking about some of the lesser-known Mariners, and the ones that weren’t on the team for very long. Cliff Lee always pops to the top of my head when I think about pitching, and Rickey Henderson is one of the ones that always comes to mind when I think about hitting.
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Bruce Bochy enshrined in Bay Area Sports HOF, along with absent Rickey Henderson

Bruce Bochy was at Oracle Park a day after the Giants clinched a division title to avoid a tie-breaking game with the Dodgers that would have been played Monday night at China Basin. “I was glad for them, although, you know what?” the former Giants manager said. “Fans might have...