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The Oak Ridge Boys’ Richard Sterban Reflects On the Impact of ‘Elvira’ [EXCLUSIVE]

The Oak Ridge Boys have had numerous hit singles over their career, which has spanned more than 50 years, but none with quite as much impact as “Elvira.” Released by The Oak Ridge Boys in 1981, the song, written and first recorded by Dallas Frazier, became one of The Oak Ridge Boys’ biggest hits, and is still a staple in their set list, more than 40 years later.
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‘FROM ELVIS TO ELVIRA: MY LIFE ON STAGE’ BOOK TELLS THE STORY OF THE OAK RIDGE BOYS’ RICHARD STERBAN. Spend a day behind the walls of Graceland as Elvis hosts friends for an unforgettable experience that ends speeding through the streets of Memphis; Hear the encouragement offered by the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, and experience the heartbreak surrounding the death of his beloved wife, June; Sit at the control board and experience the recording process of a great song and watch as it becomes a worldwide hit; and hear the never-before-told details of the last time Richard and Elvis were together. All of these great stories plus so much more are part of the ‘From Elvis To Elvira’ paperback book that Country Music Hall of Fame member, as part of The Oak Ridge Boys, Richard Sterban released.
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Richard Sterban on singing with Elvis and his 50 years with The Oak Ridge Boys

It’s been 50 years since Richard Sterban left a spot touring with Elvis Presley to join The Oak Ridge Boys. Looking back, Sterban says he made the right call. He and the other Oak Ridge Boys (William Lee Golden, Joe Bonsall and Duane Allen) will be heading to the Rivers Casino and Resort on Sunday, in support of “Front Porch Singin,’” the band’s latest album.

Good Country Music and Good Family Entertainment: Richard Sterban of The Oak Ridge Boys

The first 45 record I ever had and could call my own was The Oak Ridge Boys’ “Elvira”. You wanna talk about a hit? There wasn’t a radio station that didn’t play the Oaks. Every variety show on TV (of which there was a proliferation in the early ’80s) showcased the quartet with such regularity that they nearly felt like members of the family. They were and still are that recognizable. And perhaps there’s no more discernable voice than that of Richard Sterban, the bedrock bass vocalist of the Oak Ridge Boys whose deep delivery of the famous “Oom Poppa Mow Mow” still rolls and rumbles full strength into the cosmos. Sterban joined the Oak Ridge Boys in 1972 after performing as part of the Stamps Quartet alongside Elvis Presley. It’s a decision he has always embraced. The Oak Ridge Boys have had hits on top of multiple charts, they’ve earned more awards than I have room to list within these confines, they’re Gospel Music Hall of Famers, Country Music Hall of Famers, and they’re not even close to slowing down. At the time of this interview*, Mr. Sterban was in Branson, Missouri preparing to rehearse for the Oak Ridge Boys’ annual Christmas tour. We spoke on a variety of subjects– the Oaks’ time in the studio with Dave Cobb, their success as crossover artists, and of course, Oom Poppa Mow Mow. The Oak Ridge Boys will be performing live at the Macon City Auditorium on Friday, March 4th.

The Oak Ridge Boys – Randy chats with Richard Sterban

The Oak Ridge Boys are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their mega-hit “Elvira,” and they’re releasing a new album!. Enjoy Randy’s full conversation with bass singer Richard Sterban.

Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys joins Dom Giordano

Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron Recaps The Summer And Previews What’s To Come. Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron rejoins the Dom Giordano Program, this time discussing a country music festival that drew over 20,000 people to the Wildwoods area this past weekend. Mayor Byron explains how the town was able to manage the event, and tells that, thankfully, the event went off without any hitches. Then, Byron and Giordano discuss how local businesses have been able to operate throughout the pandemic, with Byron explaining that all local business owners have done well, but due to staffing shortages, they’ve had to stretch both their employees and themselves. In addition, Byron explains the benefit of vacationing in Wildwood during the shoulder season, and tells of upcoming events coming to Wildwood.

Speaking with Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys

The Oak Ridge Boys will perform at the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg on Friday, August 27, 2021. Tickets can be purchased on the Mountain Arts Center web site or by contacting the box office. Adam had the opportunity to speak with Richard from the Oak Ridge Boys this week;...