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One Show hosts gasp after actor sneakily compares Boris Johnson to Richard Nixon

An actor sneaked in a sneaky bit of shade towards Boris Johnson on Wednesday night's One Show - after the PM was hit with a fixed penalty notice over Downing Street lockdown parties.Boris is the first prime minister who has been fined or prosecuted for breaking the law during their time in office, and Dan Stevens took full advantage of the opportunity to roast him.He was asked to tell viewers about a new film about Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal.He started by saying: “What you’ve got is a criminal for a leader who is wrapped in a messy war,...
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Playing Richard Nixon and The Wilson Van

We talk with Paul Wilson about his experience impersonating Richard Nixon in high school to playing him in the upcoming Showtime series The First Lady. The First Lady, which features 3 first ladies- Viola Davis as Michelle Obama, Michelle Pfieffer as Betty Ford and Gillian Anderson as Elenor Roosevelt- reveals moments in American history told through the eyes of the First Ladies. The series premieres 4/17 on Showtime.

Man jailed for Watergate still praises Richard Nixon: ‘He was a visionary’

Dwight Chapin went to prison because of Richard Nixon. But he’s still The President’s Man. The first to go on trial in the Watergate affair, Chapin served a nine-month sentence from 1975 to 1976 for lying to a Watergate grand jury about political sabotage. But today, Chapin — who still maintains his innocence — is out to redeem Nixon’s legacy. In Chapin’s memoir “The President’s Man,” the former aide praises the 37th President. “President Nixon was visionary and a realist,” said Chapin via phone. “The world today needs leaders who can demonstrate the level of strategic thinking Nixon did.” Sticking up for his former boss, who was...
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Richard Nixon, Madera, and the ‘Checkers Speech’

Congressman Richard Nixon is seen here campaigning from a station wagon parked on Yosemite Avenue in 1950. He came back to Madera two years later to campaign for Vice President. Thursday, Sept. 18, 1952, was a big day for both Senator Richard M. Nixon and the City of Madera. It...
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Richard Nixon

Richard Simeon Nixon, 69, of Butler, passed away Friday, March 4, 2022, at his residence. Born in Pittsburgh, on July 18, 1952, he was a son of the late Simeon and Dorothy Grimes Nixon. Rich was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, where he was a hospital corpsman stationed at...
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It wasn’t Richard Nixon who changed relations with China

Fifty years ago today, on Feb. 28, 1972, President Richard Nixon was triumphant. After a week of meetings with the Chinese, he signed the Shanghai Communique. It declared that the United States and the People’s Republic of China, having collided over Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam in the 1950s and 1960s, were no longer enemies. The Cold War was never the same again. China, once a socialist “brother” of the Soviet Union, was becoming a “tacit ally” of the United States.

Dwight Chapin on his former boss: ‘Richard Nixon was not a crook’

He was at the side of the American president on one of the most important diplomatic trips in history, enjoying sumptuous banquets as a guest of Chinese dictator Mao Zedong. Three and a half years later he was in prison after becoming first person to go on trial in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal, despite protesting his innocence.

The Richard Nixon his loyalists knew

Whenever America is polarized, as it is today, people go back in memory and history to recall other times their nation was so divided. The Civil War of the 1860s and the social revolution that tore us apart in the 1960s come instantly to mind. In that latter time, there was no figure more central to the conflicts of his day than Richard M. Nixon.