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'Home Improvement' stars Tim Allen, Richard Karn channel 'Tool Time' for History DIY show and 'Tool Time' returns in new series with Tim Allen and Richard Karn

'Home Improvement' stars Tim Allen, Richard Karn channel 'Tool Time' for History DIY show and 'Tool Time' returns in new series with Tim Allen and Richard Karn. 'Tool Time' returns in new series with Tim Allen and Richard Karn and 'Home Improvement' stars Tim Allen, Richard Karn channel 'Tool Time' for History DIY show.
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Tim Allen and Richard Karn Test Fire-Breathing Leaf Blowers on “Assembly Required”

Maintaining your property can be a pain. Ever wished your leaf blower had a little more oomph to it? On an episode of Assembly Required, Tim Allen finds the solution. He declares the conventional leaf blower “better than sliced bread.” This new and improved take on this staple in property maintenance will spice up your yard work. There is one caveat: Users will need a fire extinguisher.
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Tim Allen and Richard Karn reunite for new show

Americans love watching shows about people learning, making and competing, and Tim Allen is no stranger to that. Whether it’s following along as people purchase storage units sight unseen, flip a wreck of a house or race against the clock to bake up something delicious, there’s a show for it and a hungry audience.
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Tim Allen and Richard Karn Are a Dynamic Duo — but Are They Friends in Real Life?

TV personalities Tim Allen and Richard Karn worked together for years. Some may know them from the days they co-starred as Tim and Al on Home Improvement, which ran from 1991 to 1999. Many of us may even wish for a reboot, but it doesn't look as though that's happening anytime soon. Luckily, though, Tim and Richard are back together, and this time, they're hosting a whole new show.
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Tim Allen Reunites with ‘Home Improvement’ Star Richard Karn in New Series ‘Assembly Required’

Home Improvement stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn are re-teaming up for another project—but this time, they’re taking on the wacky world of reality TV. Last night, the pair’s all-new show, Assembly Required, premiered on History Channel. Although there’s only one episode (at least for now), there’s no denying that it features the comedy duo at their best.
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Do Tim Allen & Richard Karn Approve of a Possible ‘Home Improvement’ Reboot?

“Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke with Tim Allen and Richard Karn, who are promoting their new competition show “Assembly Required.”. Tim and Richard, who were co-stars on ‘90s hit show “Home Improvement,” are all for a reboot. Tim said, “I’d love to see it right now. I’d love to see ‘Tool Time’ upgraded like it’s still a show.”
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Why Home Improvement’s Tim Allen Wanted To Reunite With Richard Karn For New Reality Show

The entertainment world has seen a number of comebacks over the past several years, and this has definitely been the case on the small screen. Actors are finding various ways to revamp and revive famous properties, reuniting with former co-stars in the process. One of the latest stars to do this is Last Man Standing’s Tim Allen, who has joined with former Home Improvement colleague Richard Karn for a new reality competition show. And just recently, Allen opened up about why he wanted to reteam with Karn for the new series.
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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Assembly Required’ On History, Where ‘Home Improvement’ Stars Tim Allen And Richard Karn Reunite As Reality Show Judges

The new reality competition show Assembly Required is notable because it reunites Home Improvement co-stars Allen and Karn, this time playing themselves instead of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and Al Borland, respectively. But it’s also a fun Chopped-style competition where three machineheads get to put together interesting projects based on boxes of parts and tools they are sent, along with whatever is in their workshops.
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Tim Allen, Richard Karn on reuniting decades after 'Home Improvement': 'Doesn't feel like 30 years'

For Tim Allen and Richard Karn, working together is a natural thing. The two co-starred in the popular sitcom "Home Improvement" from 1991-1999. Now, three decades after the comedy first premiered, the two are reteaming for a new show, "Assembly Required," where they tap into their DIY roots to host a reality competition series that sees contestants rebuild everyday household items.