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‘Home Improvement’ Star Richard Karn: What Is the Actor’s Net Worth?

While actor Richard Karn is most notable for his role in Home Improvement, starring alongside Tim Allen, the handyman also hosted game shows and has a net worth of $10 million. It might not be the highest net worth among television stars, but it begs the question of what all Karn did to accumulate such a fortune. During his time on Home Improvement, which ran from 1991 to 1999, Karn appeared in 202 episodes. In total, the show only has 204 episodes. Add that with his time on other shows and hosting, the comedic relief has grown into a highly successful personality.
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‘Home Improvement’: Here’s Who Nearly Played Al in Place of Richard Karn

The beloved 90s sitcom Home Improvement follows Tim “The Toolman” Taylor and his family, which included his wife, Jill, and three sons, Mark, Randy, and Brad. Though he was still a budding actor at the time, Tim Allen is now the series’ biggest star by far. He’s the show’s main character and synonymous with both the series and his fictional show within the show Tool Time.

Richard Karn Has Hilarious Reaction to Tim Allen’s Comments About Him: ‘You Can Still Surprise Me’

When it comes to watching Richard Karn and Tim Allen on TV, we all probably have our favorite moments from their different shows. Karn has played the sidekick to Allen in shows, of course, like Home Improvement. You can catch them these days on More Power. Yet Karn has a really funny reply to a comment Allen made in an interview. We snagged it from Karn’s Twitter account and share it with you right here.

‘More Power’: Go Behind the Scenes with Tim Allen and Richard Karn

Tim Allen and Richard Karn are working together again on the show and are joined by April Wilkerson for the fun. This new show can be seen on the History Channel and has all three of them looking at tools. We all know that tools and Tim Allen are definitely two things that go together. In this new show, Allen, Karn, and Wilkerson are spending time looking at different tools and their evolution.

Tim Allen Praises Richard Karn on New ‘More Power’: ‘If It Wasn’t for Richard, We’d Never Finish Anything’

After concluding his show Last Man Standing in 2021 after an impressive 10-year run, Tim Allen headed back to the small screen on Wednesday night with his all-new History channel series, More Power. More Power promises to be an interesting addition to the TV network as the show explores the intriguing, lengthy history of tools. However, while Tim Allen’s name definitely attracts a major crowd, the longtime actor credits costar Richard Karn for the new series’ creation.

Tim Allen Gives Another Look at ‘More Power’ Series With ‘Home Improvement’ Costar Richard Karn: VIDEO

Home Improvement co-stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn are pairing up to bring us a modern take on Tool Time. And their latest promo has us all excited to watch. In the History Channel TV series, Allen and Karn are once again partnering with their Assembly Required pal and YouTube star April Wilkerson to explore the evolution of everyday tools and how they factor into our lives.

Home Improvement Stars Tim Allen And Richard Karn Reuniting For New Show

Tool time is back… kind of. On Thursday, the History Channel announced the new series. , a 10-episode nonfiction series that will celebrate "the evolution of the coolest, most iconic tools, from handheld and basic to the industrial and mighty". The series will be hosted by Home Improvement stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn along with YouTube star April Wilkerson. According to the series' description, each episode will be themed around one specific tool. The series will debut on Wednesday, June 29th.

Tim Allen Reacts to ‘Home Improvement’ Reunion Series With Richard Karn ‘More Power’ Getting Premiere Date

If you are looking for a premiere date for the new show starring Tim Allen and his Home Improvement costar Richard Karn, we got you covered. More Power will pop on June 29 on The History Channel. You’ll find Allen giving the announcement a little boost below on his Twitter account. If you didn’t see the preview, then there’s a little look for you as well.