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City hosting reception for Richard Howell

The City of Fayetteville is hosting a reception for former Police Chief Richard Howell, who retired March 7, after dedicating 32-years of service to the department, city and community. The reception is from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., Friday, April 1 at the Municipal Building Auditorium. Howell joined the Fayetteville...
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Beats Bypass Borders: Richard Howell – The Man Behind The Melodies

Crafting outstanding tunes in the acoustic, soul, and jazz genres with absolute finesse, emerging artist Richard Howell is well on his way to become the next big thing in the music world!. Supremely talented and tirelessly super, Richard Howell is an incredible musician with expertise in the genres of jazz,...
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Richard Howell

Richard Howell, 81, passed away March 30, 2021 at his home in Glendale, AZ. after a short illness. He was the sixth born child of nine children to Bill and Sophronia Howell. After graduating Chariton High School, he joined the Navy in 1957 and was a 20-year veteran. He also worked for Honeywells for several years.

Richard Howell: Moon Over Tiburon

After easing past the words of praise for San Francisco Bay-area based saxophonist / educator Richard Howell's "spiritual connection" and the description of his work as "bridge music," uniting and merging the experiences of listeners, it sounds much like probative contemporary small-group jazz. Besides playing saxophone (and singing, on the soulful anthem "We Are All Connected"), Howell composed (and presumably arranged) every number on Moon Over Tiburon, a cerebral exercise that is heavy on group interplay and strong, close-knit rhythm, a measure or so lighter on improvisation.
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Pack Look Back: Richard Howell

In another edition of Pack Look Back, let’s take a look back on the career of former NC State men’s basketball forward Richard Howell, one of NC State’s best big men in the last 10 years. Howell is from Marietta, Georgia, where he went to Wheeler High School, the same...