Richard Hood

Ellwood “Dick” Richard Hood

SOUTHERN SHORES — Ellwood “Dick” Richard Hood, 80, died February 10, 2021 in his home in Southern Shores, NC. Dick Hood was born May 16, 1940 in Washington DC, to James and Elizabeth Hood. A science and technology enthusiast, Dick graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Physics and earned his Master of Science from Catholic University. He worked for the Navy until 1988 as the Head Program Manager of the Ohio-Class Ballistic-Missile Submarines and the Sea Shadow Stealth Ship. Dick Hood was one of the leaders in the field of Naval stealth technology. During his time in the 1990s at Symmetron, Inc in Fairfax VA, he oversaw the installation of shipboard systems in Abu Dhabi during the first Gulf War and the redesign of modern surface ships.
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