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Richard Garfield Announces New Deckbuildign Game THE HUNGER with Renegade Game Studios

Richard Garfield has a new game that was recently announced by Renegade Game Studios named The Hunger. In this game, you’ll play with up to 5 of your friends as vampires as you hunt humans to get victory points and fulfill missions before returning to your castle before the sun rises. The trick is that this is a deckbuilding game where you need to optimize your deck and as you hunt, you’ll slow your deck (and you) down making it harder to fulfill your goals. This game sounds like a lot of fun and I love the art.

'The Hunger' Card Game is a New Deckbuilder from Richard Garfield

If you're looking for a good Richard Garfield deckbuilder, a brand-new option has just been revealed — The Hunger card game is a new tabletop game where vampires have a single night to hunt humans before the sun rises. In The Hunger, each player must race to build and optimize...
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Richard Garfield on Artifact's failed monetization model: 'We wanted to avoid manipulating people'

When he reviewed Artifact for us, Will Bindloss concluded by saying, "Value for money, I'm well aware, is going to be a big factor for many looking to buy the game." He wasn't wrong. Many were kept away from Valve's card game by the $20 base cost and real-money card marketplace. Though the Build Your Legend update offered free card packs as level-up rewards, it wasn't enough. That $20 buy-in meant players had to be convinced that Artifact was worthwhile up front, rather than being able to ease into it for free. With a game that complex, convincing wasn't easy.