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Netflix's 13: The Musical Trailer Adds Debra Messing And Rhea Perlman To The Broadway Musical

Movie musicals have been around for decades, and the genre has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance. 2021 was chock-full of these projects, with beloved stage productions being adapted for film. Netflix got in on the fun projects like The Prom and Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tick, Tick...BOOM!, and now that trend is continuing. And the first trailer for 13: The Musical adds Debra Messing and Rhea Perlman to the Broadway musical.
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Rhea Perlman Reflects On Her Glory Days, Family, And ‘Cheers’

Rhea Perlman, featured so prominently on the classic sitcom Cheers, which ran for 11 seasons, looks back fondly on her career since the show ended its run. The sitcom, which originally aired from 1982 to 1993, explored the lives of a group of people — among them Rhea’s head waitress, Carla Tortelli — who spent all of their time in a fictional bar in Bostom. The sitcom’s finale remains one of the most widely-viewed episodes in TV history.
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‘Cheers’ Star Rhea Perlman Credits Her Success to the Sitcom

It’s been 40 years since we first met the cast of the hit NBC sitcom series Cheers, giving us some of the most iconic moments in television. The hit series also brought us some unforgettable players including the brash, bossy, but incredibly loveable barmaid Carla Tortelli who is portrayed by the unforgettable Rhea Perlman.

‘Cheers’ Star Rhea Perlman Reflects on the TV Sitcom’s Success

The classic NBC sitcom television series Cheers has long made its mark on classic television as a whole. The massively popular pub-based comedy show ran on the peacock station for over ten years between 1982 and 1993. In total, Cheers premiered 270 episodes in the series featuring the beloved – and certainly eclectic – cast of characters we still enjoy today.

Rhea Perlman Learned Magic Tricks for Marvelous and the Black Hole Role: 'It Was Fun'

Rhea Perlman plays an experienced magician in her new movie Marvelous and the Black Hole — but the actress credits movie magic for making her look like a pro. "It was terrifying when she said that you're going to have to actually do this a few tricks," Perlman, 74, tells PEOPLE in this week's issue of Marvelous and the Black Hole writer and director Kate Tsang. "I begged for somebody else's hands to be doing it, but Kate, said, 'No, no, you're learning this. You're doing it.' "

‘Cheers’ star Rhea Perlman looks back at sitcom’s success, marriage to Danny DeVito: ‘The glory days’

Rhea Perlman didn’t think twice about having one for the road. The actress played head waitress Carla in the hit sitcom "Cheers," which ran for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993. "I remember we were all going, ‘Should we do another year? It’s been 11 years,’" the 74-year-old recalled to People magazine on Thursday. "George [Wendt] says, ‘If someone gives you a present every year, you’re not going to take it the next year? Why not?’ So we took it for as long as they gave it."

Rhea Perlman, Danny DeVito ‘see each other often’ 10 years after split: ‘We’re still a family’

Cheers to Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito — exes who know how to keep the love alive, even when the romance stops. The Emmy-winning “Cheers” star, 74, told People that though she and DeVito, 77, are still close, following their 2012 split. They’ve yet to officially divorce. “We’re still separated, but we see each other often, and we’re still a family,” said Perlman. “We can do things together, ...