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Reince Priebus: America is spiraling under complete Democrat control

Former Trump White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus joined "Hannity" Monday to discuss President Biden's performance on the world stage as Ukrainian President Zelenskyy asks for military aid. REINCE PRIEBUS: The other half of that famous quote about ‘peace through strength’ is that ‘weakness only invites aggression.’ The world...
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Reince Priebus Claims Democrats ‘Think Cows Are the Enemy of the American People’

Former Trump chief-of-staff Reince Priebus joined Sean Hannity Tuesday night to deliver a harangue about cows, Saul Alinsky, and what Democrats have in store for the country. The Fox News host rattled off a potpourri of grievances with the Biden administration regarding Covid, China, inflation, and energy. Priebus responded by...

Reince Priebus: Election probe will cost Wisconsin $680,000

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Republican-ordered investigation into Wisconsin's 2020 election could cost taxpayers at least $680,000, more than nine times the original cost of contracts signed earlier this summer, according to Reince Priebus, the former state and national head of the Republican Party. Priebus revealed details about the expanded...

Plain Talk: Reince Priebus for governor — a nightmare for Wisconsin

I woke up in a cold sweat the other night after dreaming that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos' college roommate had been elected governor. That's what I get for reading stories before bedtime that speculate that Reince Priebus, the once wunderkind of the national Republican Party and Donald Trump's first chief of staff, may be returning to Wisconsin to run for statewide office.
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Reince Priebus Voted Absentee 20 Times

Exhaustive studies in Wisconsin and other states show that mail voting increases electoral turnout with minimal risk of fraud or abuse. Yet Republicans like Scott Walker and Reince Priebus, each with robust histories of absentee voting, now oppose it in the name of “election integrity.” Their real concern seems to be that absentee ballots will increase Democratic Party votes at the expense of Republican.

Reince Priebus said to be considering a run for governor in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Reince Priebus, a former White House chief of staff to Donald Trump, has called Republican donors and power brokers in Wisconsin to discuss a possible bid for governor or the U.S. Senate next year, according to a GOP strategist who spoke directly with Priebus about his deliberations.

Is Reince Priebus eyeing a bid for Wisconsin governor?

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin native Reince Priebus is reportedly eyeing a potential run for statewide office in 2022. Politico first reported the move nationally Friday morning, citing sources who said Priebus has reached out to key GOP operatives in the state and is exploring a run for governor. Priebus, a...

GOP source: Reince Priebus mulling run for Wisconsin governor

MADISON, Wis. - Will Reince Priebus run for Wisconsin governor?. Several Republican insiders tell us they were surprised to read a Politico report that the former White House Chief of Staff is talking about the possibility. It's not the first time Priebus has been rumored for a Wisconsin run. A...