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Reeves Gabrels: The five pieces of gear I can’t live without

Throughout his storied career, beginning with his decade-long association with David Bowie and now as a member of The Cure, Reeves Gabrels has distinguished himself as one of the most versatile, adventurous and exciting guitarists of the modern age. There’s always been something of an elusive quality to his playing: you can never quite pinpoint his references, and his style and sound seem to bear little, if any, relation to the past.
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Reverend Reeves Gabrels Dirtbike Royale Review

The Dirtbike Royale is well crafted, lightweight and tuneful, and one of the best realizations of a modern P-90 axe currently available. Reeves Gabrels has a long list of credits that includes stints with Tin Machine, David Bowie and, since 2012, the Cure. The Dirtbike Royale (opens in new tab)...
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Big Scenic Nowhere team up with Reeves Gabrels and Per Wiberg for The Long Morrow

Californian prog rockers Big Scenic Nowhere have teamed up with David Bowie/Tin Machine guitarist Reeves Gabrels and former Opeth keyboard player Per Wiberg for their track The Long Morrow, an edited version of which is streaming below. The Long Morrow is the title track of the bands upcoming second album...
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“I Played the Track With My Eyes Closed, and I Would See Him”: The Cure Guitarist Reeves Gabrels Talks Recording With and After David Bowie

We were always very forward-thinking about the music we made together,” Reeves Gabrels says of his 10-year creative partnership with David Bowie. Beginning in 1989 with metallic hard-rock band Tin Machine, their alliance continued into the ’90s, when Gabrels co-produced a number of Bowie’s solo albums. “Our whole thing was...