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'Ghosts' Star Rebecca Wisocky Teases How Hetty 'Comes Undone' in Season 2

TV's most popular comedy Ghosts is currently filming its sophomore run in Montréal with a premiere date set for September but when it returns after its record-breaking debut season averaging 8.4 million viewers, audiences will see another side of Henrietta "Hetty" Woodstone played most marvelously by Rebecca Wisocky. During the show's first San Diego Comic-Con panel last week hosted by Ghosts guest star Matt Walsh, series castmate Utkarsh Ambudkar admitted that he couldn't wait for fans to see Hetty's "unnerving" character shift.
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Anatomy of an Emmy-Worthy Scene: Ghosts' Brandon Scott Jones, Rebecca Wisocky and Director Kimmy Gatewood Revisit Isaac/Hetty Seduction Scene

Click here to read the full article. In Episode 15 of Ghosts‘ freshman season, Brandon Scott Jones‘ Revolutionary War soldier Isaac was struggling with his sexuality. Rather than accepting his feelings for Nigel, Isaac instead tried to seduce Rebecca Wisocky‘s conservative 1800s baroness Hetty to hilarious effect. Below, TVLine Dream Emmy nominees Jones and Wisocky, along with director Kimmy Gatewood, break down The Nape Scene, as it’s lovingly dubbed. BRANDON SCOTT JONES | I remember thinking to myself, “This is the show that I signed up for, and I’m so excited about this type of moment where it’s two big ridiculous...
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'Ghosts' Star Rebecca Wisocky Teases Season 2 With New Behind the Scenes Photo

The cast of CBS's Ghosts is back together and ready for Season 2! Amid Thursday's announcement of the network's smash hit sitcom returning this September for its sophomore season, series star and Woodstone Mansion's very own lady of the house, Rebecca Wisocky shared a fun behind-the-scenes snapshot with fans, teasing how the "Ghost band's back together!"
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'Ghosts' Star Rebecca Wisocky Breaks Down the 'Symbolism' Behind Season 1's 'Most Fun' Episode (Exclusive)

Ghosts on CBS is ranking high among TV's funniest comedies right now and while there are 18 episodes fans can enjoy over this summer thanks to Paramount+, one episode, in particular, has everyone talking! In the smash hit freshman sitcom's 13th episode "The Vault," audiences saw another side of Woodstone Mansion matriarch and Gilded Age ghost, Hetty Woodstone — played immaculately by Rebecca Wisocky. With the episode splitting the comedy wide open thanks to a secret vault and mustache-twirling robber baron Elias (Matt Walsh), the Joe Port and Joe Wiseman-created sitcom is proving it's episodes like this that truly stand out as a benchmark for smart, clever writing among TV today.

'Ghosts' Star Rebecca Wisocky Reflects on Hetty's Relationship With Rose McIver's Sam Ahead of Season 2 (Exclusive)

After a season finale that blew open the door on some pending stresses ahead for Woodstone Mansion's Livings, Sam and Jay in Season 2 — played by Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar, respectively — Ghosts will be back this fall on CBS with a storyline the showrunners teased would be a bit tenser. In a exclusive this past April, Joe Port and Joe Wiseman revealed the sophomore season of the smash-hit sitcom would chronicle the ups and downs of a couple's struggling business as they work to get it up on its feet.

'Ghosts' Star Rebecca Wisocky Teases How Hetty Could Possibly Experience 'Change' in Season 2 (Exclusive)

With a second season underway for the smash hit sitcom Ghosts set to premiere this fall on CBS, there are plenty of questions audiences will want answers to upon its sophomore return. But it's not just the fans who want to know what's ahead. Series star Rebecca Wisocky — also known as the Lady of Woodstone Mansion herself — also wants to know what's next, especially for her character, Hetty Woodstone. In an exclusive with reflecting on the debut season of the single-camera comedy, Wisocky admits without presumption she would love to see a deeper dive into Hetty, postulating how there is a possible "change" transpiring in the Gilded Age spirit.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rebecca Wisocky

Those who have seen Rebecca Wisocky act would probably agree that she’s truly a force to be reckoned with. During her career, she has consistently proven that she has what it takes to put on a great show – regardless of the kind of character she’s playing. Her versatility has allowed her to work on a variety of projects across multiple genres. Many people will recognize her from shows like Devious Maids and Ghosts. She has also been in several movies over the years. Even after spending more than 20 years in the business, Rebecca still has a lot of things she wants to accomplish. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Rebecca Wisocky.

How a ‘Ghosts’ fan made star Rebecca Wisocky cry

The impact of “Ghosts,” ending its first season on CBS, recently hit home for co-stars Rebecca Wisocky and Brandon Scott Jones, who play apparitions Hetty Woodstone and snarky Revolutionary War officer Captain Isaac Higgintoot –who’s come out over the course of the season. “We just did a PaleyFest [seminar] … and that was the first time we were together [for a panel discussion] in person,” said Wisocky, 50. “It was fantastic; there we so many anecdotes and the fans asked us questions. It was very light and silly and very funny. [For] the very last question, a woman stood...

5 Questions With Rebecca Wisocky of ‘Ghosts’ on CBS

When Rebecca Wisocky was in sixth grade, a teacher mistook the tall girl for a substitute teacher. “I’ve looked like I was 40 since I was 11 years old,” Wisocky says. “In elementary school, I had this deep voice and I was a foot taller than everybody else and I looked like an adult, which is just creepy.”
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Trevor Scott chats with "Ghosts" stars Rebecca Wisocky and Brandon Scott Jones

You'll be happy to know that what goes bump in the night is actually a quirky group of the dearly departed! The hit CBS comedy "Ghosts" is bringing laughs to the afterlife. Trevor Scott had the chance to chat with stars Brandon Scott Jones and Rebecca Wisocky about what's happening on this hauntingly hilarious show, and how you can tune in!

Ghosts' Rebecca Wisocky Teases What's Next After That Fiery Discovery

Talk about an un-boo-lievable ending. During the Jan. 20 episode of Ghosts, Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky) was reunited with her robber baron husband, Elias (Matt Walsh), who had been trapped in a vault for over 100 years. Though the 19th-century ghost was warmly welcomed by most of the spirits at Woodstone Manor along with living residents, Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), Elias proved he had no intention of getting along with his new roommates.

'Ghosts' Star Rebecca Wisocky Previews Unexpectedly 'Explosive' New Episode With Matt Walsh (Exclusive)

Ghosts on CBS continues to dominate in viewership week after week, but with the half-hour, single-camera comedy sitcom back tonight for an all-new episode, the show is about to get even funnier with a whole other level of cheeky. In the new episode, "The Vault," airing Jan. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, another spirit is coming out of the woodwork — or in this case, the Woodstone Mansion's secret vault. Lo and behold, the house ghost is none other than Hetty's robber baron husband (and cousin), Elias (played by Matt Walsh of Veep). Trapped in the estate's vault since his death and discovered by Sam (Rose McIver), Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) and their non-living friends, Elias has finally found freedom. Yet, Hetty, played brilliantly by Rebecca Wisocky, is not too thrilled.

'Ghosts' Star Rebecca Wisocky Teases Trevor's Pantless 'Saga' in Upcoming Episodes (Exclusive)

Ghosts has continuously delivered the laughs since its premiere this past October. But while the show is heading on a mini-break until new episodes return to CBS in February, series star Rebecca Wisocky teases there will be some exciting developments for the house ghosts in the next episodes. While chatting with about the new episode airing Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, Wisocky said one of the biggest storylines audiences have been itching to know more about will finally transpire but with an unexpected twist.

Ghosts' Rebecca Wisocky Previews Hetty's 'Explosive' Reunion With Her Hubby, Praises Jay-as-Hetty Episode

Another spirit is coming out of woodwork — or to be more precise, the vault. In this Thursday’s episode of Ghosts (CBS, 9/8c), Sam, Jay and their non-living pals discover that Hetty’s robber baron husband, Elias (played by Veep‘s Matt Walsh), has been trapped in the estate’s vault since his death. Now that Elias is free, he’s not thrilled with his wife’s new independent attitude or with the livings in charge of his property. So Elias uses his unusual power to try to ruin the wedding that Sam and Jay are hosting. Below, star Rebecca Wisocky previews her character Hetty’s unexpected reunion...
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‘Ghosts’ Star Rebecca Wisocky Previews the Arrival of Hetty’s Husband Elias

Ghosts is making way for the man of Woodstone Mansion as guest star Matt Walsh stops by to play Hetty’s (Rebecca Wisocky) husband, Elias. The Veep vet’s arrival was something Wisocky was over the moon about, even if Hetty isn’t super thrilled to encounter her spouse who up until now has only been referred to in conversations. “When I found out that Matt was coming on to play my husband I was so, so, so, so, so excited,” remarks the actress.