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Anitta, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Rebecca Black to Perform at LA Pride in the Park

Click here to read the full article. Days after taking the stage at Coachella, Brazilian pop star Anitta has signed up to ring in LA Pride. Christopher Street West, the non-profit in charge of official LA Pride events, has announced the full lineup for LA Pride in the Park, its official in-person music event. The full lineup follows the previous announcement that Christina Aguilera will headline the one-day music festival. The program includes a mix of pop stars, rappers, drag queens and other musical artists. In addition to Anitta, a multi-Latin Grammy-nominated star and the first Latin artist to top Spotify’s Global...

Rebecca Black Is A Queer Icon Every Day Of The Week

If there’s one thing to know about Rebecca Black’s DJ set at Coachella weekend one, just ask the singer. “It was so gay," Black tells Refinery29 shortly after her Saturday performance, "which is always so cool to see, and I don't think the Do Lab [stage] has really ever had that before."
The Day

It's a new day for 'Friday' singer Rebecca Black

In her new music video for "Read My Mind," Rebecca Black and collaborator Slayyyter portray bored convenience store employees with bad dye-jobs and worse attitudes who serve a parade of juggalos and rednecks before a chance encounter with a motocross star leaves them "yassified" — a 2021 trend that turned regular objects into extremely beautiful and queer-coded ones — into cartoonish dolls with big blonde wigs and too-big, muppet-like breasts.

6:30 Clock Radio Classic – Rebecca Black – Friday

#ClockRadioClassic #FlashbackFriday #BoomboxBacktrack #RetroRewind. What a terrible song… but a fantastic reminder! Doesn’t it seem like this week was never gonna end? Let’s go! YouTube music from 2011. Hundreds of million YouTube views later… 11 years ago this song wiggled it’s way into your earworm lovin’ head…...

Review: Rebecca Black Proves Her Pop Star Status at Lincoln Hall

Let’s be honest, it’s still a little scary to go to concerts right now. But, fans made the trek to Lincoln Hall to see Rebecca Black on a chilly Tuesday night, and they weren’t disappointed. The indie pop singer put on such an exciting and fun show that for just a few minutes, concert-goers were able to forget about the pandemic and cold weather and just dance (with masks on, of course). It was so refreshing to see so many queer people under one roof (your humble writer included) dancing to electro pop and singing “Worth it for the Feeling.”