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Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo Tried an Abbott & Costello Bit on 'The Ingraham Angle'

Laura Ingraham welcomed Raymond Arroyo to Monday's episode of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News to discuss the current state of woke television. Apparently, viewers don't like it. In fact, Arroyo was recently watching You on Netflix. One of the characters gets measles or something. It's unclear what exactly happens because Arroyo and Ingraham used the title of the show to launch into an Abbott & Costello bit.

Raymond Arroyo: China 'loves' Biden's climate change push

Raymond Arroyo slammed Biden's decision to entrust John Kerry in getting China involved in combatting climate change on "Fox News Primetime." RAYMOND ARROYO: We heard it today from Biden. You hear it from John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi last week in the UK said the same thing. They say "Oh, well the Uyghurs are being put in internment camps in China, religion is being suppressed, free speech is demolished by China, but look, the overarching and more important thing for us is to negotiate a climate change deal." Well, the Chinese love that math, because they get to trade all their horrible trade abuses and the equities and the trade imbalances, as well as their human rights record, for some B.S. climate change package.

Raymond Arroyo: The truth about Kamala Harris

Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo explained why the White House is worried about Kamala Harris Friday on ‘Fox News Primetime.’. RAYMOND ARROYO: At this point, the only thing Kamala Harris is running for is her life, from the Old Executive Office Building. Look, the real reason they’re worried, and no one has really reported this widely, John McLaughlin did a poll pitting Trump against Kamala Harris. Trump beats her 49% to 45%. That’s why they’re panicking in the West Wing.

Raymond Arroyo exposes far-left's push to hijack the Fourth of July

"The Ingraham Angle" host Raymond Arroyo emphasized Thursday evening that the Founding Fathers wanted us to celebrate freedom, while those on the left are determined to undermine Fourth of July celebrations. RAYMOND ARROYO: If someone were defaming your relatives, your grandparents, you'd be mad as hell. And that's what's happening...