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Ray Lewis Visits Johns Hopkins Children’s Center To Make $134K Donation

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Following his second-place finish on the CBS reality show “Beyond the Edge,” Ravens legend Ray Lewis made a surprise visit the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center on Monday to present his donation of $134,166 and meet with patients. The patients and staff cheered for Lewis as he walked into the room, and the two-time Super Bowl champion was able to chat and visit with some of the pediatric patients. Lewis tested his survival skills for 15 days in the Panamanian jungle, competing against eight other celebrities. The competitors raised money for the charity of their choice every day they stayed in the race and won challenges. Lewis recounted how difficult the adventure was in an interview on WJZ at 9 in March. “As hard as it was, it really became fun, but it was the most challenging thing, I think… that we’ve ever done, physically and mentally,” Lewis said. “Harder than a football Super Bowl?” asked anchor Denise Koch. “Yeah, cause usually after the football Super Bowl I come back home to my bed,” Lewis said.
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Ray Lewis delivers winnings from “Beyond the Edge” to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis made good Monday on his promise to donate prize money from a television show to a Baltimore-based charitable organization. Lewis won $134,166 after coming in second place on “Beyond the Edge,” a CBS reality show in which celebrities compete in mental and physical challenges to earn money for charity. The show ended its season last week, and Lewis selected Johns Hopkins Children’s Center to receive the money he earned.
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Ray Lewis donates $134K in TV show winnings to children's hospital

The Johns Hopkins Children's Center is celebrating a big win thanks to Baltimore Ravens Hall of Famer Ray Lewis. Lewis delivered a check for $134,000 from his winnings for coming in second on a TV competition show. Officials at the children's center said the money will immediately be put to...

Ray Lewis To Donate Over $130K To Johns Hopkins Children’s Center As Runner Up On CBS Show ‘Beyond The Edge’

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ravens legend Ray Lewis didn’t win the CBS reality show Beyond the Edge, but he’ll always be a winner in Baltimoreans’ hearts. Besides, as the runner-up, the two-time Super Bowl champion raised $134,166 for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, giving back to Baltimore once again. Former Bachelor star Colton Underwood came out on top, raising $266,500 for his own Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, which fights cystic fibrosis. Lewis faced off against eight other celebrities as they relied on their wits, intelligence and muscle to survive in the Panamanian jungle for 15 days. The competitors raised money for the charity of their...

Ray Lewis Finishes Second in Reality Show 'Beyond the Edge'

Ray Lewis finished his NFL career on top as a Super Bowl champion, but the Ravens' Hall of Fame linebacker didn't come out on top in a reality TV challenge. Lewis finished in second place in the CBS reality show, "Beyond the Edge." The winner was Colton Underwood, a former "Bachelor" on ABC's reality dating show who later came out as gay.

NFL World Is Celebrating Ray Lewis On Sunday

It's a special day for Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis. The former Baltimore Ravens linebacker and two-time Super Bowl champion is getting his props today. Lewis is celebrating his 47th birthday today. He was born on this day in 1975. Lewis overcame a tough childhood in Florida to become...

How the Ray Lewis and Kelvin Joseph Cases Are Similar – and Different

On January 31, 2000, following the Super Bowl, Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, then 4 years into his career, was involved in an altercation that left 2 young men dead of stab wounds. Lewis did not do the stabbing, but sped away from the scene with companions who did in his rented limousine, and conspired with his friends to remain silent about the event and hide evidence. A white suit worn that night by Lewis, presumably tainted with blood, disappeared and was not available for the trial.

Passing on Ray Lewis: Rams Biggest Draft Regret?

With the NFL Draft upon us, it is that time of the year for historical redrafts, as fans and experts alike look at the past to see what could have been done differently and how it would have affected respective franchises. That is no different for Sporting News, who recently...