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Ray Dalio warns U.S. and China are on ‘classic path to war’

Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio is warning the tensions between the U.S. and China regarding the status of Taiwan could be a prelude to a war. In a posting on his LinkedIn page, the Westport-based hedge fund executive wrote, “Unfortunately, what is happening now between the U.S. and China over Taiwan is following the classic path to war laid out in my book ‘Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order,’” Dalio wrote. “If events continue to follow this path, this conflict will have a much larger global impact than the Russia-Ukraine war because it is between the world’s leading superpowers that are economically much larger and much more intertwined.”
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Billionaire investor Ray Dalio warns US can't keep spending and bring down inflation

During a wide-ranging interview on "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" Friday, billionaire investor Ray Dalio provided insight on the U.S. economy amid record inflation rates, predicting the Federal Reserve's quantitative tightening will "run its course" in about 18 months. RAY DALIO: You can't keep spending and bring down inflation. So here's...
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Ray Dalio says stagflation is likely because the Fed is failing to ‘drive the markets and economy like a good driver drives a car’

Sign up for the Fortune Features email list so you don’t miss our biggest features, exclusive interviews, and investigations. Economic doomsaying is widespread lately as experts and business leaders predict that record inflation could help set off a recession. Billionaire investor and Bridgewater hedge fund founder Ray Dalio recently...

Fed's inflation fight will likely lead to stagflation: Ray Dalio

As Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell was grilled over runaway inflation Wednesday, Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio is warning that the Central Bank's efforts to tame scorching-hot inflation will likely lead to stagflation over the long term. Stagflation is the combination of economic stagnation and high inflation, characterized by soaring...

The Fed Can't Make the Economy Better Says Ray Dalio

Interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve to subdue inflation are no panacea for the economy, says Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s biggest hedge fund manager. “I now hear it commonly said that inflation is the big problem. So the Fed needs to tighten to fight...

Ray Dalio, Bill Gates and Jack Dorsey started their careers before turning 15—now they're all billionaires

Most kids between 8- and 13-years-old spend their days riding bikes, playing video games and avoiding homework. Ray Dalio, Bill Gates and Jack Dorsey weren't most kids. The trio of billionaires each found their professional calling before turning 15. And while their early exposure to finance, tech and business was somewhat serendipitous, Dalio says he doesn't think it's a coincidence that they've all achieved massive financial success in the years since.

Ray Dalio Not Investing In Debt Assets, La Repubblica Reports

Ray Dalio said he’s not investing in debt assets and steering clear of countries at risk of domestic strife or international war. The billionaire hedge fund founder said in an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica that he is instead buying assets offering protection against inflation. Dalio, the co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates LP, is also focusing on countries in good economic health and politically stable.

Hedge fund titan, Ray Dalio, on taking the plunge into ocean exploration

CNN’s Richard Quest spoke to the founder of the world’s biggest hedge-fund firm, who is investing in what he calls the planet’s most important asset: the ocean. Ray Dalio and his son founded OceanX, an initiative to study and capture footage of the deep. Designed with help from film director James Cameron, the OceanXplorer ship is a floating laboratory kitted out with Hollywood-standard studio equipment.