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Ray Benson is 70 years old today

Ray Benson is 70 years old today. The front man of the Western swing band, Asleep at the Wheel, Benson is a native of Philadelphia. He formed Asleep at the Wheel with friends, Lucky Oceans and Leroy Preston. The group relocated to Austin in 1973 after a suggestion from Willie Nelson.
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Asleep at the Wheel’s Ray Benson on Keeping the Texas Band Alive, Alert and Swinging for 50 Years

“It’s just a number,” says Ray Benson, waxing modest about a couple of big ones that are arriving this year for himself and his group, “but as you know, being in the business, publicists need something to hang their hat on.” Then again, honoring significant round numbers feels appropriate for someone who invented the Wheel — Asleep at the Wheel, that is, the progressive Western-swing group that will be commemorating its 50th anniversary with an all-star show, God and vaccinations willing, in Austin in the fall of 2021.
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Ray Benson: Live From Austin, Texas

Ray Benson, the famed frontman of Asleep at the Wheel, celebrates the band’s 50th anniversary and tells us how they’ve kept going all these years. Cowboys & Indians: Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of Asleep at the Wheel. But we understand you had a health scare that temporarily rained on your parade.

Interview with Ray Benson (2013)

Ray Benson is best known as the leader of Asleep At The Wheel, America’s foremost exponents of Western Swing and the music of Bob Wills. Benson has kept The Wheel going for more than 43 years, making them easily one of the country’s longest running bands. Close to 100 members have passed through the group. They’ve won several Grammys and are on the road constantly with tours that seem like they’re scheduled by someone throwing a dart board at a map. Benson recently figured out that’s traveled somewhere between 250 and 3 million miles on the bus.